5 Ideas for Ringing in the New Year

Although we might not be *quite* ready for that first school day of 2018, it will be here before we know it. #3daysleft #shortestwinterbreakever
So while inside I am dreading it (sorry, not sorry), outside I am prepping.  Here's how I plan to ring in the new year with my second graders.

That first day back can be rough.  The kids are tired from sleeping in and staying up late.  It is inevitably dreary or possibly raining out (or is that only in Pennsylvania?) It's the perfect time to reflect on 2017 and set some goals for 2018.  Do both at once with this freebie you can find here.

I printed single-sided for photo purposes.  However, this is perfect to print double sided to save paper, reflect and create resolutions all at once! Each question corresponds with each other (example: a book you read in 2016, one you want to read in 2017).  I plan to hang these up so both sides show or they can easily flip back and forth.

Ring in the new year with ring pops. Who doesn't love them? Such a cute idea from Around the Kampfire! Let your students suck on them while they brainstorm resolutions or eat them at the end of the day while they read to ensure a quiet end to that first day back ; )

You can't assume all of your students did something super special on NYE, so recreate that countdown experience on your first day back! This *freebie* by Mrs. Richardson's Classroom is perfect to make a countdown chain! Each hour, choose a student to rip off a chain and then do the activity on the slip of paper! These are simple (and free!) and they really create an excitement for the new year!

Start by reading or watching Squirrel's New Year's Resolutions. 

Then have your students write their resolutions on this free New Year's poster by Brenda Tejeda. 
FREE: New Year 2018 posters
Play some New Year's games! ABCYA offers both a New Year's Crossword Puzzle and Word Search. Or you can kick it old school with this freebie by Hello Mrs. Sykes. Before students play, have them brainstorm all of the words that make them think of the New Year.
New Years Day Word Find and ELA Word Work

What are your favorite New Year's ideas for the classroom?

Happy Teaching!