Week 4 Plans

This *technically* is our 5th week of school.  But we missed a week due to a mold problem in the buildings in our district.  So that set us back.   Below are my visual plans.  I have gotten a few questions about them so let me answer those first:

  • I make the plans in PowerPoint. 
  • I do submit these plans to my principal but I also do an additional copy of each page and delete the pictures.  Then I type in a little more detail about what I am teaching.
  • I am trying to think of a way to make a template to share.  Or I might try to do a video about how you can make your own if people are interested.
  • I love sharing what I am doing but these plans also seriously help me.  I print them out and send a copy to myself so everything I need is right there!

      We spent over a week reviewing our addition strategies.  I know my 2nd graders need continued practice with addition.  We do use a weekly math facts program.  I will also include practice and review through our morning work, iPad and computer games, centers, partner and whole group games.  BUT with that said, I am excited to move onto subtraction.  A new topic is a perfect excuse to buy a new book.  I am excited to read Elevator Magic! I have a feeling I will be back for more Stuart J. Murphy math books!! 

My goal is to have personal narrative topics decided by the end of the week.  I made a graphic organizer (which you can snag for FREE in my downloadable plans). It goes along great with the book A Moment in Time.

Thankfully, my class is very engaged in all things writing and drawing which makes my teacher heart so happy.  You can hear a pin drop during writer's workshop--it almost weirds me out because I am NOT used to that kind of silence.

This will be our 2nd week of using Rooted in Reading. #waybehind #stillonaugust I actually have to finish up Edward the Emu on Monday before moving on.  My kids LOVED Edward and they are doing super great with the vocabulary.  I am anxious to see how they will do on their first comprehension test.

My students have been LOVING playing tic-tac-toe with our 'no excuse' words.  I am going to introduce comprehension passage as one of our centers during Daily 5 (I know it is not one of the elements but I added it as a part of Read to Self).  You can read about how I use Symbaloo during Listen to Reading here.

It's not officially fall until you start all things apples!  We discussed what scientists do last week and will continue more intro to science activities with Second Grade Stories resource.  My kids went CRAZY for Saving Fred last week so I am going to try to Stem once a week until our official science unit starts (soils).  And finally, I will have a sub Friday afternoon because we are headed to the beach!! A Scholastic News is always perfect for a sub!

What are you teaching this week?!

You can access these plans with links to all of the resources (free and paid) by clicking on the above pictures or here.

Hope you have a great week : )

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