A Peek at My Week: Week 2

Happy Labor Day, Teacher Friends! If I didn't write three passages about the history of Labor Day, I would truly believe it was created to give teachers a break after the crazy back to school season! Due to air quality and mold in our school district, we did not have a typical first week of school.  We had a first day.  Then we left early on the second and didn't come back for a week! Last week, we had 3 full days. 

So now that we are a week behind already, it is hard to balance the feelings of wanting to catch up but also knowing that continuing to go slow and steady with routines and procedures will be the best for my students.

In math, it will be all about addition strategies.  I cannot wait to get started with our interactive notebooks (the students are pumped, too!)  I will probably throw a game in there like Domino War or Connect Four.

We will be starting Writer's Workshop this week! This is one of the aspects of the year I am most excited about.  I took a writing grad class this summer.  It was extremely helpful in developing strategies for instruction and assessment. 

With the help of The Brown Bag Teacher's awesome blog post on scaffolding young writers, we will learn the basics of independent writing and practice building stamina. I also included a mini lesson on spelling strategies.  I heard "Mrs. Stahl, how do you spell ______?" one too many times last week!

I am starting shared reading this week with a classic--Henry and Mudge.  I actually have a class set of the first book so I am looking forward to each student having a book in their hand as we read about the boy and his dog.  We will use Henry and Mudge to work on retelling using Beginning, Middle and End. With Henry and Mudge, we will also be taking a look at sentence basics.  Each student will write their own "bare bones" sentence. 

We will just start working on building stamina for read to self.  I will also try to start word work but that is a lofty goal considering we will be Dibeling, starting DRAs and completing iReady assessments next week!!

I didn't have time for Mrs. Spitzer's Garden so I am going to tie that into Social Studies and use it to talk about growth mindset.  We will end the week with Save Fred!! : )

Finally, I included three of the anchor charts I plan to make this week. I used the addition strategies one FOUR years ago!! I LOVE how the writer's workshop pie chart provides a great visual for the time of each element.  Lastly, the rate our writing will be a great reference tool for me when students say their finished and their work looks like 1 or 2 stars.  I can just point to the examples and hopefully they will get the hint ; )

Click on the pictures or on this link to download my plans.  Each picture/link will take you to the original resource.

What are you most excited to teach this week?

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