Sneak Peak at September

Lesson planning can feel daunting.  Where to start? The year? Month? Week? Day? Minute? I have found I like a combination of all of the above. I sat down this summer to think about the whole year.  But I got lost when it came to spring time.  Most days, I sit down in the morning and make a checklist for each chunk of time subject throughout my day.

We are required to plan for the week.  In addition, I have decided to map out my plan for the month so I can see where those weekly plans are headed. So here is my September Overview!

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Since we start back to school earlier than ever before, by the time September rolls around we will have been in school for two weeks, (we are currently OFF school today.  It is the THIRD day of school and yesterday we left after only an hour but that is a story for another post.)  I will still be going over routines and expectations ALL month long but we will start to dive into some REAL learning, too!
I really love how A Teeny Tiny Teacher launches all of her centers by doing them whole group first. "This makes sense.  I should have known to do this." I said to myself as I read her post last year. But, then again, I was on maternity leave for the first 6 weeks of school so that was a bit out of my control (ha!).  This year, I am doing it right. Slow and steady.  I will focus on reading to self, reading to someone, comprehension and word work centers. 

My school does not use Journeys but my old school did so I started making supplemental materials for all of the stories.  However, I have *almost* a class set of the first Henry and Mudge books.  I think it is a perfect book for the beginning of 2nd grade and hits on skills like bare bones sentences and beginning/middle/end. 

Yes, I realize August Rooted in Reading is in my September plans.  I love the August books for the beginning of the year and with just 8 school days in August I know I won't be able to start Rooted in Reading until September so I am bumping it back a month.

Finally, I will introduce close reading.  I plan to start this in temporary reading groups as we will still be DRA-ing and I won't form my actual reading groups until October.  I am in the process of updating ALL of my Holiday Close Reading Packets so that they include 3 differentiated passages!  Labor Day, Columbus DayVeterans Day and Election Day are COMPLETE!
I am going to start Writing Workshop for the first time this year! I took a reading/writing graduate course over the summer which was full of useful information about best practices for writing instruction.  I am still a little nervous but also excited.  Writing fell on the back burner last year due to an implementation of a new phonics program. Sad, I know.  But I hope to do it justice this year with the help of the top two resources. 

{{{Picture of Posters with Clips}}}

I printed and laminated the writing process posters and have them hanging in order.  Using clothespins with student numbers on them, they will move their clip based on which stage of writing they are on.  This will help me plan conferences and see who is ready to share!

The "Cooking Up Small Moments" is a FREEBIE by Sweet Integrations. It has great resources for scaffolding idea development to help students choose a topic. I plan to use it with each of our "formal" writing pieces and I hope we can get three completely done the first marking period. What is the first type of writing you do with your students?
Math is my favorite!!! It was where I felt most confident in my first year, too! I do a balance of whole group and small group teaching.  I am replacing my current calendar time with a digital version to free up some wall space.  I am excited about all of the options this PowerPoint Calendar Math offers!

I am obsessed with Angie Olson's Interactive Math Notebooks.  I bought the bundle in late fall last year so I didn't use the addition and I cannot wait to start off the year with it! When I saw her post a picture of her RAINBOW binders with all of her IMNB resources stored inside, I just HAD to do the same thing. #copier #sorrynotsorry
My plan is to start Science s l o w e r this year instead of not at all and then all at once (are you seeing a pattern here?) I have had this resource by Second Grade Stories for a few years and it looks amazing but I just never get around to using it.  I think it will make a HUGE difference with how my students view themselves during science.  Hopefully it will take their scientific thinking and writing to the next level!
Last but not least, Social Studies will be all about manners and character. Sarah Plum really has it all in her Clippin' for Character pack. And I love the idea of a positive clip chart however I think I am going to switch it up and have the students earn them as badges, almost like brag tags.  With an already existing clip chart, and a clip chart for writing I just can't keep up with all those clothespins! Ha!

I hope you found something useful! This is not in any way an all inclusive list of what I will use...and I won't use everything is all of these resources but it is a general overview of the direction we will go this September! What is you favorite upcoming resource?

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