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Friday, August 12, 2016

Hey hey hey!! It has been since I linked up with Doodle Bugs for Five for Friday and I am super excited because this week has been crazy exhausting and I need to unload! : ) Warning: Lots of classroom set up with a little bit of life mixed in!

Sunday was one of those blissful, impromptu, summer days.  It kind of felt like my last one so I was glad to live it up.  First, the hubs and I played some basketball at the local elementary school's playground.  We have been really inspired by the Olympics to be more active (ha!)

Then we went to our friend's parents house for swimming, sun, bbqing and drinks (Can you guess that beer sitting there?) : ) Our little guy had a blast with some other kiddos there.  The day ended perfectly with some ice cream.  We said to ourselves "Why don't we do this more often?"

On Monday, we could FINALLY get into our classrooms!
Thanks GOODNESS because this was part of my pile of stuff at home sitting in my living room.

{my view when I first walked in....and yes I brought my baby with me on the first day which equaled zero work getting done lol}

After a lot of walking around aimlessly, I started to get a direction of where I wanted to go.  This included lots of black, and bright, bold letters!

When you look at the picture below, try to ignore my hot mess of a classroom library and just focus on the beautiful bold letters on that wall : )

I was inspired by Teach Create Motivate's brilliance she posted on Instagram and the next day
I went in to my room and made it happen! Yep, still working on that library. 
And the bulletin board.  And  I am not even sure what to put on that whiteboard.  But the QUOTE, people, that's going to be a hit!

More bright, bold letters. This time, with stars. On my bulletin board in the hallway.
If you count the stars, you will get 21.  One for each of my stupendous new 2nd graders whom I will meet on August 22nd! Stahl Stars also happens to be my "class cash" if you will.  They collect them for positive behavior and can use for rewards.

I have to be honest, last year I would forget it was a kid's birthday more often than not.  Thank goodness I had special first thing in the morning because I would quickly throw together some semblance of a birthday treat.

But not this year.  No, this year I am PREPARED! I made these ADORABLE birthday cups for my students.  And despite the picture of 5, I actually made 24 and they are now sitting in the back of my car a shelf in one of my cabinets ready to go! Bring it, birthdays!

Under my most favorite spot in my classroom so far, I started a word wall.  But then I ran out of binder clips. Thank goodness this year we can actually order supplies!!! Does your school allot you money to spend? This is new to me because last year we were frozen due to our state's budget not passing forever.  I ordered those binder rings and they should be there waiting for me to finish this project next week!
Ew, that cord looks just awful.
I also moved my rules expectations from the back of my room to the front. I thought maybe they would be a little more "in your face" since this is my whole group learning area.  Maybe then students will follow them better? I don't know! Just an idea!

On Thursday, my baby boy had an appointment at CHOP (Children's Hospital of Philadelphia).  Long story short: He was born with a birth defect and had surgery to correct it back in January.  We just found out after a very unsatisfactory experience with our original surgeon, it was completely unsuccessful. So now we are going to the best of the best at CHOP.  He will undergo surgery again in a few months. : (

But while we were in Philadelphia, we went to Ikea so I could get a few things for my classroom.  Harrison was completely enthralled by the rainbow Abacus.  Isn't he sweet?

How was your week? Are you back to school? Setting up your classroom? Enjoying summer?


JanCT said...

I remember the days of bringing young children to school! Now, my kids read or use the laptops. Every now and then I say, "Hey, I have a job for you!" They do it, then go back to reading! I haven't been in my classroom at all this week. We camped, and the last two days have been RIDICULOUSLY hot and humid! Blah! Your letters look great, and your son is adorable! Praying his surgery goes well.
Laughter and Consistency

Megan @ Meg Go Run said...

That sucks your babe needs surgery again. :( Sorry about that. Your room looks great! I can tell you put a lot of work into it.

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