#blizzardof2016 Five for Friday

Friday, January 22, 2016
Happy FriYAY! The hubs is out plowing and I am being a rebel staying up past my bedtime.  Gonna keep this QUICK since I do still have to wake up with my *almost* 5 month old.  I haven't blogged in what feels like for-ev-er (AKA January!!) so here we go : )
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We are in the THICK of subtracting with regrouping.  It was rough at first but I just kept saying "Don't give up, it will get easier." And I told the kids "Your brain only hurts because it is growing" and now we are over the HUMP and on the way to mastery ; ) 
I'd like to thank +Amy Lemons  for her foldable and to whomever invented marshmallows and pretzel sticks for a yummy and motivating hands on lesson!

We won this and now it takes over an entire room in our house.  My husband cannot stand that I have won more games than him so I doubt it will be staying for very long ; )

My handsome boy and I will be cozying up for some naps this snowy weekend!  He will be 5 months and has to get surgery this week to correct a birth defect : ( Positive vibes are much appreciated!!

I finally feel like a super, real, official teacher with my new stamp set by Melissa and Doug! 
Are you part of the #blizzardof2016?  Have you already gotten some days off/delays out of it?  Here's to crossing my fingers all this snow is worth it ; )

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