Five for Friday: The Longest Time

Thursday, December 10, 2015
It's mid-December.  So let's get to the point.  I haven't blogged in over a month so I am going to just throw together everything in one neat little package, smack a giant virtual bow on it and call it "Five for Friday". 
Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays!
We Nutcracker-ed it up last week.  I am working on a Nutcracker pack but, kind of like the ballet, it is mostly happening in my dreams.  {maybe next year?} We read about 100 different Nutcracker versions, listened to one online, went to see the Nutcracker and finally did these directed drawings.  If you are not doing directed drawings, what are you doing? It's ALL.THE.RAGE!

Here is our tree. I was all like 'Yeah Christmas!' approximately a week ago (okay maybe two). I was wrapping gifts, decorating, singing Christmas carols. The Whole Thing.  Now I am like....zzzzz #thesekidsaremakingmesleepy #amazonpackagesfordays #whowillwrapthepresents

The room in the previous picture recently got a makeover.  I promised the hubs I would post this picture because he wanted to brag I am so proud of his handy skills.  He is practically Bob the Builder.  Except he is bald.

Back to school math PLC has been all about persevering through problem solving.  We watched a video about word problems and it was set up in a "carousel" style.  I don't know if you know this but it's like a scoot but in groups.  It gets kinda loud and kinda crazy (or is that just my class?) However, you can see that some actual, real learning took place.  And I got to see where my students were exceeding/struggling with their word problem solving skills. WIN.WIN.

And it wouldn't be my new life without sharing some pics of my baby boy.  He is 3 1/2 months old.  Time goes fast, time stands still.  We love our little guy and can't wait to share the holidays with him!



Tidy Teacher said...

He is adorable! Your husband is very handy! The room looks beautiful!

Everyone deServes to Learn said...

Love your tree- it's so pretty! And the room looks fabulous.

The Techie Teacher said...

Tell your hubs that the room turned out GREAT! Love it :)
The Techie Teacher

The Sassy School Teacher said...

Love your tree! And your new room! It looks beautiful!

ithappenedin3rd said...

I keep waiting for someone else to wrap everything in my pile of Amazon boxes, too...sadly I have no takers!

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