In the thick

New mom.  New teacher.  New wife (2 years is still new, right?). 
It has turned me into a new person, there is no doubt.
I don't know about you, but some days, trying to keep my head above water is my main goal. 
Not losing myself in baby's cries, sleepless nights,
lesson plans that don't go right,
grocery lists that get forgotten,
food stash in the deep freezer went rotten,
home project's lasted three times too long,
kids keep picking 'Whip Nay Nay' as their GoNoodle song,
the spiders on my door've been up too long,

dinners that we've ordered in,
forgetting to meal plan again,
haven't vacuumed for a week while,
maternity clothes going out of style, 
my #Instagramstyle is far from chic,
bank account is looking weak,
Daylight's Savings got me out of whack,
Christmas breathing down my back,
Pinterest-worthy presents--that's a joke,
Amazon Prime's making me broke,
in the thick of it all I have to believe, it will all work out and I have to...