Currently: October

Currently is one of my favorite linky parties.  I have missed it the last few months but am definitely going to turn that around! Link up over at Farley's Blog: Oh Boy It's Fourth Grade

Oh' Boy 4th Grade

Listening:  My husband is doing such a great job helping out with baby duties.  This staying at home thing is more challenging than I anticipated.  He always takes the baby right away when he gets home.  We tag team putting him to sleep.  Then he makes him a bottle and changes him in the morning.  I don't know how people do it alone!!
 {how sweet are they?!}
Loving: I could complain that I have to go back to work after just 6 weeks of maternity leave BUT I am unbelievably thankful that I have an awesome job to return to--my DREAM job that I have waited SO long for.  I still can't really believe I am a 2nd grade teacher (or the fact I was hired 8 months preggers!!)

Thinking: I am the mom of a 1 month old! And I am not going to say "I can't believe it, it went by so fast." because honestly, it didn't.  It was a LONG, busy, tiring month.  Everything they say about being a parent is TRUE.  In the words of Wanda Sykes "Kids--they a lot of work, but they worth it."

Wanting: I am thinking of planning some pampering before returning to work so I don't feel like such a slob.  Seriously, I have worn nothing but pajamas or yoga pants for what feels like the past year.  Okay so it's been 5 weeks but really, I need to get my act together!
Needing: Since the only 5 days I was in school so far this year I was the size of an Orca whale, I am in desperate need of some new threads for when I return in 11 days.  I have been perusing Pinterest like crazy getting outfit ideas and putting together a shopping list.  Here are two of my favs:

Boo-tiful: Nights out are now few and far between.  We were lucky to be able to celebrate our anniversary last weekend without baby.  Just a few hours out alone makes such a big difference!! Getting to leave the house for something other than a diaper run or dr. appt. is ah-maz-ing.  We are blessed with awesome grandparents to our little boy : )

Baby overload, I know #sorrynotsorry

Happy October : )