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Hey friends, it's been awhile! After the #tptsellerchallenge, I fell off the blogging map again.  I wish I had some great adventures or vacation stories to share but really, this summer has been all about grad class, baby prep and staying cool in the AC {womp, womp, boring!!}

I just saw this cute link-up with
so I thought I'd join in!

My favorite picture:

This is me and my husband almost 5 years ago on our very first date (September 2010)!
 I just love him so much and this picture makes me infinitely happy : ) {Oh to be that tan and skinny again}

We had an instant attraction and it didn't take long for us to be spending every day together.  I just love to think back to those days--I can still feel the excitement and butterflies.  

September will be our two year wedding anniversary and we are expecting our first child, a baby boy in just 5 short weeks!

I am sure this picture will always be one of my favorite although I have a feeling that very soon there will be many favorite pictures of Harrison James : )

I am heading back to the link-up to check out the other favorite pictures! You should link up, too : )


Miss Monica at I Heart Grade 3 said...

Hi Molly,

Harrison James! I love the name you have chosen for your little one! I found choosing my son's name 10 times more difficult than picking the names for my daughters. Being a teacher didn't help matters, either! There were so many names that were veto'd because of past students!

You have posted a very cute picture of your husband and yourself and good on you for capturing a shot on your very first date! I love that idea!


Flipping into First said...

Congrats on your little one! Thats so exciting! Isn't it funny how pictures can bring back all that fondness? Thoughts of different types of happiness and things that make you all warm and fuzzy!

Learning with Sunflower Smiles said...

Hi Molly

How exciting that your precious son is due in 5 weeks. What an awesome ride that is!

Your first date photo is filled with happiness! I also have a photo from the early days of my relationship with my now husband (not a first date one though) and yes, when looking at it, it does bring back all those "new relationship" feelings. We should all display one of those photos in our homes :)

Learning with Sunflower Smiles

Lauren said...

This is adorable, Molly! I think once you're married, it's easy to forget about the very beginning of your relationship. Such fun times! ...and you're still beautiful

Kimberly Davis said...

I just love seeing the newness of your relationship in both of your faces. When Harrison James (love the name) arrives, you will love having "firsts" with your hubs through your precious little one! Enjoy the adventure of Mommyhood and rest, rest, rest!
Kim D.
Learning, Laughter, and Love