Instagram Follower Friday: #tptSMsurge

Thanks for being a part of the #tptSMsurge.  We are SO glad to have you!! 

Now in Week 2, the focus is on all things Instagram {IG}.  
It's FRIDAY and that means we are going to take a look at some TPTers doing great things on IG!

While imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, it's important to find your unique style when creating products, building your brand and posting on Social Media. BUT this doesn't mean we can't take a few pointers from some teacherpreneurs out there who are IG OGs!
SO who is SHINING on Instagram?

I don't think I can write a post about who to follow on IG without mentioning THE Amy Groesbeck. Let's take a look at what is working for her!

  Amy's pictures are animated, active and often, a hilarious glimpse into the life of a teacher. She did a fantastic job documenting her year day-by-day. With the simple addition of text, you see a life in progression. {learn how to add text via IG friendly apps in Becky's post here}

 She posts consistently keeping followers involved daily! Her pictures truly tell a story.

She uses LOTS of hashtags both to get her pictures out there (#teachersfollowteachers) and to make us laugh! She is sharing USEFUL teaching tips in an authentic, fun way : ) Aren't visuals and humor keys to catching our students' attention, too?

Next up is Bridget from LittleLovelyLeaders

Bridget's unique IG account combines school, jewelry and all things pretty!! I really like her balance of organization, fashion, quotes, and products. Her photos are clear and colorful.  Her overall style shines through--and not just her clothes and bling.  Bridget has a variety of posts which help us get to know about all aspects of her life.  While some argue, they don't *need* to know all about the TPTer behind the resources, no one wants to follow an Instagrammer who only posts product covers.
Bridget's advice: "I guess a little rule I made for myself was to have fun with Instagram and not just make it all about work."

Her use of quotes adds lightness and laughs. It spreads good vibes but you can tell she doesn't just post anything.  She is selective which shows her sense of humor.
She shares pictures of her adorable nieces and family making her IG account personable and relatable.  She doesn't overload with too much of one area of her life.  Getting to know one another on such a personal level through Social Media invests us.  It builds community and inspiration.  Did I mention her adorable nieces!?
Instagram is obviously all about the visual appeal.

Jill @ firstgrade_made posts a colorful variety of school related and personal pictures.  Her photos are BRIGHT which gets your attention.  And not just your attention, but the attention of others like @teacherspayteachers who has recognized Jill for her beautifully organized classroom set-up.

I love that Jill interacts with her followers by responding to their comments often! This is truly what makes IG an interactive experience! She tags people in her pics and the people she is responding to! This helps ensure they see what you said!

Jill says "Giving others positive feedback and support goes a long way! That has truly turned into a support system, both inside and outside of the classroom."

And isn't that what it's all about? Supporting one another, connecting and collaborating?

Let's wrap up what we learned from these lovely ladies:

That's it for me : ) Hope you found some useful tips or a new person to follow!

Thanks to Glitter Meets Glue Designs for the adorable IG Icon.


Candice Krogh said...

Thanks for new people to follow. Off to IG for some 'research'.

Teaching Under the Sun

Margo Gentile said...

Thank you for all of the good info. I'm still confused about hashtags. Where do they come from? Do you just make them up? How do you "name" them?

Lauren said...

Hey Molly, I just got around to reading your post, and it's fantastic! I love the girls that you highlighted, and now I have to go follow them. Thanks for sharing some great ideas!