#tptsellerchallenge Week Three

I am popping in super quick (I promised myself I'd work on my tan today!) (I have to go to a drs. appt...blech!) to share what I am working on made for the challenge this week which is : Make Your Masterpiece!

This is my second 'Connecting Science and Common Core Writing' pack and it is over 100 pages of posters, writing prompts, interactive journal pages and vocabulary.

Here's an up close look at what is included:

A little more detail (starting top left going clockwise)
  • That observation journal is super flexible for whichever insect you are going to be...well..observing!
  • There are 11 Life Cycle Draw and Write templates.  I included both insects with complete and incomplete metamorphosis
  • I just LOVE those posters with stock photos. I didn't put all of them on there--there are 16 total.
  • The interactive response questions can be used on two recording sheets in the pack OR pasted into a Science journal, if you so choose.

 Pick it up for $2 off today ONLY by clicking here (or on any of the pictures).

 I would love to SWAP : ) But beware, this thing is hefty!!

Thanks to the challenge ladies : ) 


Mary said...

100 pages...WOW! I'm in awe!!! :)

Kayla Root said...

I can't wait to see how this turns out! 100 pages! wow!
Good luck on the tan ;)

The Chalkboard Garden

Krisanna said...

I tried looking through my work in progress folder to find something to finish: no luck. I ended creating something else. It seems like you've been hard at work over here creating something great! Congrats on finishing such a large project!

Simply Secondary

Deb Hanson said...

This looks fabulous! As a past ESL teacher, I absolutely LOVE the Scientific Sentence Starters. Good luck on your tan! :)

Whitney @ the first grade roundup said...

Looks, awesome! I just posted my 100+ page product too! I'll be happy to swap with ya! :)

Whitney @ The First Grade Roundup

Teaching Autism said...

Wow you have been busy! What a great new product!

Teaching Autism