#tptsellerchallenge Week 1

So excited to be a part of what is quickly becoming a HUGE event.  The #TPTsellerchallenge hosted by Teacher Create Motivate, Sparkling in Second, Peppy Zesty Teacherista and Third in Hollywood is TAKING OVER social media! SO if you haven't already, make sure you head to one of their blogs to get yourself signed up!
Step 1: Collecting the Stats and Facing the Facts

The purpose behind it all is to improve stats, gain followers and grow your business.  Fact: My stats are looking pretty. pretty. pretty. sad right now.  I am not even on Twitter and I only have a personal Pinterest.  Truth: I cannot keep up! 

I am excited to be involved because a. this is fun and 2. my numbers can only go up {right? you don't think people will STOP following me b/c of this? no way! Ha!}

Week 1: #makeovermadness

I think pretty much every tpt seller had -makeover products on their to do list this summer.  So here's the kick in the butt.  I made one over today but we have all. week. to make over so I might be back with more.

I never liked this cover but I LOVE LOVE LOVE this product.  These behavior stories are SO amazing for the beginning of the school year and beyond.  

Really, anytime you need to review behavior and you'd love to call Johnny out for clogging the bathroom sink with paper towels to create a soap and water tsunami but you know you cannot single him out or you might get a phone call from mom or a tisk tisk from Principal Willis.

So instead, use these FICTIONAL kiddos to make your point about how its not appropriate, there are better choices to make and here Johnny fill out this reflection page about bathroom behavior.

Perfect? Right!
 Here's a closer look at what all is included:

Oh and guess what? I marked it down a dolla during #makeovermadness week so you can snatch it up and keep it in your back pocket all summer long until its time for next school year!

HOORAY! Everyone wins!


Tessa Miller-Schweder said...

Super cute! I love that one of the characters is TESSA! That's my name and I never see it! Your re-do looks great! I currently use my personal pinterest for TPT I just have Teacher boards and a specific store board! Works! Most of my traffic is from pinterest I feel!!!

Phoenix English said...

Thanks looks fabulous.

Kate Hill said...

I love the product. It is great to have specific behavior reflection sheets and not just generic!

Anchoring Down in Second/Third Grade!


Everyone deServes to Learn said...

That's an awesome idea for a product! Love it! And you're right, it was the perfect kick in the butt to get started!


Krisanna said...

This makes me wish I taught littles. I love the fact that I can call my high school kids out in public, but cute stuff like this product makes me happy. The updates are wonderful and the cover looks phenomenal!

Carrie Ogulnick said...

LOVE the new cover!! Great job :)

Jen Bonner said...

Love these! What a great update!

Sabra + Carly said...

Super cute Molly! I love this idea!

Bridget said...

Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog :) You are too cute! I am so glad you commented because it made me come check out yours! I love it!! Can't wait to keep up with your blog in the future!

Little Lovely Leaders

Molly Meier said...

Awesome! Glad to have found your blog - I'm Molly too from xoxokindergarten :)

Amanda said...

Your makeover looks great! And that product looks fabulous for back to school. I will have to check it out!! :)

First Grade Garden

Kristen Moore said...

This is AWESOME! Love the fictional stories! Moore to Learn