Sober Summer 2015

Dang! I have been a blogging machine these past two days.  Anything to avoid doing real work, right? HA!  What the Teacher Wants is hosting a Bucket List Linky and even though I feel like all I talk about are summer plans, here goes yet again!

Grad School
Before school was out I was all like "I will have all the time in the world to get work done for grad school" and now I am all like "I'd rather do five loads of laundry than write another paper"
I want it to be over but then that means summer will be, too so catch 22.

I am trying to stock the freezer with food so we don't starve after....
I push this baby out of my body.

BAD NEWS BEARS, all. Due to a back surgery I had 14 years ago, I have been told I CANNOT get an epidural.  Yeah, that fact is still sinking in.  If you have birthed naturally and want to tell me a positive story about it, please, by all means, I could use any encouragement because this was

We have no trips planned which honestly is okay with me because moving around is not my forte right now. But I am sure my baby shower will be a good time. And I have lots of time for naps and going to the pool so it's all good.

Can't wait to read about everyone else's exciting plans so I can live vicariously through you!


Everyone deServes to Learn said...

I need to stock our freezer too- let me know what recipes you end up making! Also, I tried to reply yesterday about the clipart, but you came up as a no-reply blogger. I used Kate Hadfield, Melonheadz, and Creative Clips.


Katie {The Mishaps & Mayhem of a Solitary Life} said...

Totally love that you called this post Sober Summer!! Ha! Wow, you've got lots on your plate this summer!! Have fun getting ready for baby!! Relax and enjoy!!

Christa Swaney said...

Congrats on the new baby! Sounds like you are being a great summer wife delivering a baby without an epidural!! Enjoy your summer!!!