Dare to Dream: Week 2 of #tptsellerchallenge

The biggest adventure you can ever take is to live the life of your dreams. - Oprah Winfrey

I love me some Oprah! I remember how upset I'd get on the bus ride home from elementary school if we were running late (usually due to our bus driver stopping to try and control the rowdiness) because OPRAH was on at 4 and I usually didn't get home til about 4:15. But that's here nor there.

Week Two of the #tptsellerchallenge is all about sharing our dreams!

Buy a family-friendly vehicle: Just a short two months until our family of 2 grows by 1.  Both of our cars are just "eh" and I know babies come with a lot of schtuff! Not expecting my TPT earnings to purchase me a brand spankin' new vehicle paid in all cash.  But if I could afford to put money towards this new monthly payment, I'd be a happy gal! (PS any midsize SUV suggestions are welcome : )

Help others get started: I talk about TPT as much as possible.  I am always encouraging others to jump into this world but it can be HARD to convince people! I understand, it can be daunting and time-consuming BUT I am trying to spread the word and help teacher friends get started!! I think I may have some takers : )

Go to Vegas: Last year in July I said to myself "No matter WHAT I do next year, I am GOING to the TPT conference!" And then I got knocked up and will be 8 months pregnant next month so needless to say I won't be jet setting anytime soon.  In that case, next year, no matter what I do, I am GOING to the TPT conference! Mark my words!!

Reach my career goals: This is my biggest one because I just don't feel there yet. Where? You may ask? I am not exactly sure 'where' is but I have a strong belief that my investment in what I do on TPT, the connections I am creating and the overall amazingness of sharing and collaborating is going to get me to where I am going and where I am meant to be. Is that vague enough for you? ha!

Dream on, dreamers!! {And link up to tell about it}

Thanks again to the four special ladies making this all happen!


Calandra De Gourville said...

Hi! I saw your linkup so I decided to stop by:)
I would love to go to the TpT conference too!!! Get there, LOL...Cute site.


Heather @ Kickin' It With Class said...

I want to go to Vegas soooo badly!! I'll dream with you and set a goal to go next year!!
Kickin' It With Class

Bridget S said...

I LOL when I read why you couldn't go to the TPT conference. We have a Honda Pilot and really like it. One of my friends has a CRV and she loves it (has 2 small children) and another friend has the Mazda CX5 and loves it.

Literacy Without Worksheets

Mindy Thomas said...

I read you LOUD and CLEAR about babies sucking up all of your funds! I had a hard time getting pregnant, paid for fertility treatments and ended up with twins. Talk about shocking!! LOL
I drive the mommy-van that I SWORE I'd never drive. I literally cracked up laughing when I drove it off the lot. No kidding. I laughed and laughed thinking how comical my life has become.
I am so glad you try to convince others to get started on TPT. I have tried to convince my cousin who teaches in high school because that marked isn't really saturated like ours is, but she hasn't jumped on board yet.
Good luck with your goals and dreams! Thanks for sharing!!
Mrs. Thomas' Teachable Moments

Elizabeth Clarke said...

Oh! I totally left off Vegas! I'm hoping for next year, too. Happy New Baby! They're pretty pricey for a while (I hate to think what daycare costs these days...)and then there's a lull for a while. My goals are centered on getting my 16yo insured and off to college. It's quite an adventure, all the way around! Good luck!

Ms. Fuller said...

I wanted to hit up Vegas this year too but it just wasn't in the cards. There's always next year. Isn't it nice that TPT allows us a little wiggle room in our budgets that we wouldn't otherwise have?

Ms. F from www.msfsteachingadventures.com

Everyone deServes to Learn said...

We have a Hyundai Tuscon and love it! It will be big enough for a car seat and our crazy dog!

Mrs. Spangler in the Middle said...

I am sorry that you will miss out on Vegas this year but I am certain that your new bundle of joy will be worth it!! We have a Toyota Highlander. It is the first new car I have EVER owned and it is wonderful! Too bad you don't live in FL - my brother is the new car director and could get you a great deal!

Mrs. Spangler in the Middle

Leslie Tally said...

Congratulations (ahead of time) on your new addition! I love your goals… and your commentary about Oprah. That made me laugh. Thanks so much for sharing! I enjoyed visiting your blog. :)

The Tally Tales

Krisanna said...
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Krisanna said...

I wanted to go to Vegas so bad, but I'm just not confident enough in myself or my tpt store (it's so small) to head to Vegas. Maybe next year I'll be at that point! Congrats on your little bundle of joy! That's exciting. I would recommend a vehicle but I drive a small hatchback car, so I would be of no help! Good luck in your vehicle search and with all of your goals! :) Maybe we'll hit up Vegas together next year!

Simply Secondary

Ashley Cohen said...

It's 4 o'clock where's everyone gone? Oprahs onnn! I remember that like it was yesterday. So good! I also hear you on the car. I'm due for an upgrade as well. We are going with the Tuscon as well. You can't beat the warranty and the amount of car you get for the price. Plus they're looking very cute these days!

MissWoodwardsClass said...

I must go to Vegas next year, too! Let's hold each other to that goal! :)

Miss Woodward's Class

Deniece F. said...

Last June we went to buy a new family vehicle and test drove a few. Our kids are getting big (my step-son is 12 and is 5ft 8in) and needed something bigger for a family trip to the beach (that TPT paid for). I test drove 3 SUV's. Hyundai Santa Fe, Ford Edge and Nissan Rogue. We got the Ford Edge - it's just as big as the Explorer but w/o the 3rd row.

I'd honestly recommend getting a mini-van or an SUV w/a 3rd row. I know you probably don't want to b/c of the stigma, but I'm telling you the extra row will be sooo important when your kids get bigger.

Back to my story. We had two 9-year old Toyota's that had minimal issues but both of them had over 200,000 miles. We ended up trading both in that day and driving home a Ford Edge & a Hyundai Elantra. I loved my Rav4 and plan on getting another one when my kids are older and don't need me to tote them around.