Currently: June

It's June.  It may not *feel* like June as it is currently in the 50s and raining where I'm at.

Two things are certain in life: the months change and Farley's Currently is posted.  

I just got home from our 3rd and FINAL Kindergarten graduation.  

Since I teach in a cyber setting, we traveled all over the state to celebrate our Kinders and their accomplishments this year.  

We laughed, we cried and we drove for hours on end. {Seriously, look at that map}  But we are finally home.  I am on the couch with the hubs watching one of our favorite shows.  Life is good.

Except I have been fighting a head cold since Friday (hence, needing meds) and haven't gotten a good night's sleep in....too.long.  

I get it, I am pregnant and in a few short months I will apparently never sleep again so I gotta get it in NOW people! 

Thank goodness in just 8 more days (3 school, 5 work), I can concentrate on just that.  Less than 3 months until Baby Boy makes his debut and our lives change drastically, forever.  As in, once this preggoness is over, life does not "return to normal" regardless of the thoughts I sometimes have in my head.

BUT luckily, I gots a good 8 week vacay before our lives become chaos son arrives.  Which means TPT-ing, blogging maybe, meeting up with fellow bloggers fo sho, crossing tons of stuff off my summer to do list, and the freedom to just lay around the house without the responsibility of another human's life.  Oh these last months mean freedom and I couldn't be more thankful they also mean NO WORK! HOLLER : )

Can't wait to read about what's going on with you currently.  Oh and you should also donate! All the cool kids are doing it.


A Sunny Day in First Grade said...

It doesn't feel like June here either! Good luck with Baby Boy! Get some sleep now! :)

A Sunny Day in First Grade

Erin Stephan said...

First of all, my husband and I love Naked and Afraid as well! I could never, ever do that though!
Good luck with kicking that cold and congrats on your baby boy. I know you are ready to meet him! I am due in September with our first, a little girl!

Nicole Swisher said...

Congratulations on your new baby to be!!!! How exciting!!! Hope the end of the school year goes well and you get plenty of relaxing in before your beautiful baby boy makes his entrance into the world!!! :)

Nicole :)
All Things Apple

oh' boy said...

thanks so very much for linking up and for donating!!! you are COOL!!!

Everyone deServes to Learn said...

You look adorable, Molly! How did you survive in the car for so long?! I get so restless and uncofortable now when I'm in the car.


Kay said...

Congrats on the soon to be arrival of your little one! My baby turns 13 next month- my advice: sleep now and cuddle all you can while he's small. They grow up so fast! Enjoy your summer and be sure to get your feet up while you can. :)
On the Trail of Learning

Sarah Nicole said...

So excited for you and your baby boy! I'm currently struggling with a good night's sleep as well. Love your picture and that dress! Where is it from? Wishing you a wonderful summer of relaxation before your baby boy arrives!