I wake up this morning and start blog-hoppin' when I stumble upon this awesome linky party! How lucky? Party on a Saturday morning? I'm in! I linked up with Bright Concepts 4 Teachers because we have a mutual disgust for sand.  So head there and join in!
Singing, dancing and talking in various voices/accents are a few of my favorite things.  It gets their attention and keeps them engaged so why not? My high school principal (after watching me do a karaoke rendition of "Love Shack") once told me that I have no shame. He is pretty much right.  I don't even really get embarrassed!

Oh how I LOVE a great, deep conversation about a math concept or something we just read about.  Those stick out to me most in my teaching memories. I think that is one of the most frustrating things about having to assess student performance on tests and through progress monitoring.  It is those conversations which hold the most weight for me in evaluating my students as learners and thinkers!

I feel like saying I like PD is a swear word or something. But I DO! I enjoy the time to learn something new, be around colleagues and collaborate.  It is refreshing to have that adult time and I have not had a PD I didn't enjoy so far.
I had to ask the hubs for input on this because my obvious 'shares', I have been oversharing lately so I wanted to think outside the box!

Hubs said: "Well you like to paint, but make sure to specify what! You don't paint walls or stain decks" So there you have it.  What do I like to paint? Canvas and anything crafty!  
Here is a Pin-spiration and then my actual painting.  I am hoping to do another one very soon!


Three Little Birds

{My Painting}

And...yes I am obsessed with corn.  I like it on the cob very very much.  My husband's family does this whole "Corn Operation" every August where we husk, silk, cut and cook about 20 dozen ears of corn and then store and freeze it for the winter.  No corn beats that corn!! I could eat it at almost every meal.  Sometimes I just crave corn for dinner.  

I consider myself a bit of a "cornisseur" haha Sorry that joke was corny!!

This is near and dear to my heart.  I subbed for a LONG time (hence, The Sassy Sub) and then this past October I got a job teaching Kindergarten at a cyber school. While I am very grateful for this position, my heart is in the classroom and I hope to return there one day.

Can't wait to read about you!

Happy Saturday : )


Aimee said...

You're painting is amazing! Great job! I love corn too, especially the bread variety. Haha! I hope you get that classroom of yours! Thanks for linking up with us!

Primarily Speaking

Jeannine said...

Honestly like your painting even better! I will gladly Pin yours to my home board! I enjoyed your corny jokes here Molly! Thanks for the laugh. I don't know much about about cyberschools, but I agree that once you have been in the classroom, it would not be the same after that. Best of luck to you on the job search!I'm glad you linked up with the Warriors today!

Creative Lesson Cafe

Julie Marciniak said...

Great to meet you through our linky Molly! I love that I am not the only one who does voices and makes silly noises in class! My first graders would say, hands down, that my JUNIE B JONES interpretation is Spot On!!! Makes teaching so stinkin fun!!!

chevronandcenters said...

I hope you get your very own classroom very soon! Your painting is fabulous!!!
I am also a very animated teacher. It makes learning more fun and keeps the kiddos engaged:) I enjoyed getting to know you more through this link up!

alwayskindergarten said...

Your painting is beautiful! I hope you get your own classroom soon! Thanks for linking up with us.
Always Kindergarten

Christa Swaney said...

I love that you love corn! You will get your very own classroom soon!! I enjoyed getting to know you a bit through this linky! Happy Weekend!


Jennifer said...

I enjoy going to professional developments too. I love learning, which is why I became a teacher. It's like getting a break and being a student for a while. It's especially funner when you are with friends and being able to apply what you learned in your classroom.

Krisanna said...

My husband would say the same thing about my love of painting: I still haven't painted the edges of the cabinets that I was supposed to paint in January of 2014. *blush*. Thanks for sharing. Even your blurb about loving PD. *Shudder* I just got back from a week-long PD that was pretty lack-luster.

Bright Concepts 4 Teachers said...

I give you MAJOR props for enjoying your PDs. Quality PDs are incredible. I just wish we had them more often. I'm jealous of yours. I hope your dream of getting your own classroom comes true very soon, my friend. I am so glad you linked up with us.
Bright Concepts 4 Teachers

A Sunny Day in First Grade said...

Your painting came out great!!! I hope you get your classroom soon!!

A Sunny Day in First Grade

Molly said...

How smart are you to freeze corn - I've never thought of that! A cyber school sounds so intriguing!

☘ Molly
Lucky to Be in First