#tptsellerchallenge Week Three

I am popping in super quick (I promised myself I'd work on my tan today!) (I have to go to a drs. appt...blech!) to share what I am working on made for the challenge this week which is : Make Your Masterpiece!

This is my second 'Connecting Science and Common Core Writing' pack and it is over 100 pages of posters, writing prompts, interactive journal pages and vocabulary.

Here's an up close look at what is included:

A little more detail (starting top left going clockwise)
  • That observation journal is super flexible for whichever insect you are going to be...well..observing!
  • There are 11 Life Cycle Draw and Write templates.  I included both insects with complete and incomplete metamorphosis
  • I just LOVE those posters with stock photos. I didn't put all of them on there--there are 16 total.
  • The interactive response questions can be used on two recording sheets in the pack OR pasted into a Science journal, if you so choose.

 Pick it up for $2 off today ONLY by clicking here (or on any of the pictures).

 I would love to SWAP : ) But beware, this thing is hefty!!

Thanks to the challenge ladies : ) 



I wake up this morning and start blog-hoppin' when I stumble upon this awesome linky party! How lucky? Party on a Saturday morning? I'm in! I linked up with Bright Concepts 4 Teachers because we have a mutual disgust for sand.  So head there and join in!
Singing, dancing and talking in various voices/accents are a few of my favorite things.  It gets their attention and keeps them engaged so why not? My high school principal (after watching me do a karaoke rendition of "Love Shack") once told me that I have no shame. He is pretty much right.  I don't even really get embarrassed!

Oh how I LOVE a great, deep conversation about a math concept or something we just read about.  Those stick out to me most in my teaching memories. I think that is one of the most frustrating things about having to assess student performance on tests and through progress monitoring.  It is those conversations which hold the most weight for me in evaluating my students as learners and thinkers!

I feel like saying I like PD is a swear word or something. But I DO! I enjoy the time to learn something new, be around colleagues and collaborate.  It is refreshing to have that adult time and I have not had a PD I didn't enjoy so far.
I had to ask the hubs for input on this because my obvious 'shares', I have been oversharing lately so I wanted to think outside the box!

Hubs said: "Well you like to paint, but make sure to specify what! You don't paint walls or stain decks" So there you have it.  What do I like to paint? Canvas and anything crafty!  
Here is a Pin-spiration and then my actual painting.  I am hoping to do another one very soon!


Three Little Birds

{My Painting}

And...yes I am obsessed with corn.  I like it on the cob very very much.  My husband's family does this whole "Corn Operation" every August where we husk, silk, cut and cook about 20 dozen ears of corn and then store and freeze it for the winter.  No corn beats that corn!! I could eat it at almost every meal.  Sometimes I just crave corn for dinner.  

I consider myself a bit of a "cornisseur" haha Sorry that joke was corny!!

This is near and dear to my heart.  I subbed for a LONG time (hence, The Sassy Sub) and then this past October I got a job teaching Kindergarten at a cyber school. While I am very grateful for this position, my heart is in the classroom and I hope to return there one day.

Can't wait to read about you!

Happy Saturday : )


Dare to Dream: Week 2 of #tptsellerchallenge

The biggest adventure you can ever take is to live the life of your dreams. - Oprah Winfrey

I love me some Oprah! I remember how upset I'd get on the bus ride home from elementary school if we were running late (usually due to our bus driver stopping to try and control the rowdiness) because OPRAH was on at 4 and I usually didn't get home til about 4:15. But that's here nor there.

Week Two of the #tptsellerchallenge is all about sharing our dreams!

Buy a family-friendly vehicle: Just a short two months until our family of 2 grows by 1.  Both of our cars are just "eh" and I know babies come with a lot of schtuff! Not expecting my TPT earnings to purchase me a brand spankin' new vehicle paid in all cash.  But if I could afford to put money towards this new monthly payment, I'd be a happy gal! (PS any midsize SUV suggestions are welcome : )

Help others get started: I talk about TPT as much as possible.  I am always encouraging others to jump into this world but it can be HARD to convince people! I understand, it can be daunting and time-consuming BUT I am trying to spread the word and help teacher friends get started!! I think I may have some takers : )

Go to Vegas: Last year in July I said to myself "No matter WHAT I do next year, I am GOING to the TPT conference!" And then I got knocked up and will be 8 months pregnant next month so needless to say I won't be jet setting anytime soon.  In that case, next year, no matter what I do, I am GOING to the TPT conference! Mark my words!!

Reach my career goals: This is my biggest one because I just don't feel there yet. Where? You may ask? I am not exactly sure 'where' is but I have a strong belief that my investment in what I do on TPT, the connections I am creating and the overall amazingness of sharing and collaborating is going to get me to where I am going and where I am meant to be. Is that vague enough for you? ha!

Dream on, dreamers!! {And link up to tell about it}

Thanks again to the four special ladies making this all happen!


Sober Summer 2015

Dang! I have been a blogging machine these past two days.  Anything to avoid doing real work, right? HA!  What the Teacher Wants is hosting a Bucket List Linky and even though I feel like all I talk about are summer plans, here goes yet again!

Grad School
Before school was out I was all like "I will have all the time in the world to get work done for grad school" and now I am all like "I'd rather do five loads of laundry than write another paper"
I want it to be over but then that means summer will be, too so catch 22.

I am trying to stock the freezer with food so we don't starve after....
I push this baby out of my body.

BAD NEWS BEARS, all. Due to a back surgery I had 14 years ago, I have been told I CANNOT get an epidural.  Yeah, that fact is still sinking in.  If you have birthed naturally and want to tell me a positive story about it, please, by all means, I could use any encouragement because this was not.in.the.plan.

We have no trips planned which honestly is okay with me because moving around is not my forte right now. But I am sure my baby shower will be a good time. And I have lots of time for naps and going to the pool so it's all good.

Can't wait to read about everyone else's exciting plans so I can live vicariously through you!


#tptsellerchallenge Week 1

So excited to be a part of what is quickly becoming a HUGE event.  The #TPTsellerchallenge hosted by Teacher Create Motivate, Sparkling in Second, Peppy Zesty Teacherista and Third in Hollywood is TAKING OVER social media! SO if you haven't already, make sure you head to one of their blogs to get yourself signed up!
Step 1: Collecting the Stats and Facing the Facts

The purpose behind it all is to improve stats, gain followers and grow your business.  Fact: My stats are looking pretty. pretty. pretty. sad right now.  I am not even on Twitter and I only have a personal Pinterest.  Truth: I cannot keep up! 

I am excited to be involved because a. this is fun and 2. my numbers can only go up {right? you don't think people will STOP following me b/c of this? no way! Ha!}

Week 1: #makeovermadness

I think pretty much every tpt seller had -makeover products on their to do list this summer.  So here's the kick in the butt.  I made one over today but we have all. week. to make over so I might be back with more.

I never liked this cover but I LOVE LOVE LOVE this product.  These behavior stories are SO amazing for the beginning of the school year and beyond.  

Really, anytime you need to review behavior and you'd love to call Johnny out for clogging the bathroom sink with paper towels to create a soap and water tsunami but you know you cannot single him out or you might get a phone call from mom or a tisk tisk from Principal Willis.

So instead, use these FICTIONAL kiddos to make your point about how its not appropriate, there are better choices to make and here Johnny fill out this reflection page about bathroom behavior.

Perfect? Right!
 Here's a closer look at what all is included:

Oh and guess what? I marked it down a dolla during #makeovermadness week so you can snatch it up and keep it in your back pocket all summer long until its time for next school year!

HOORAY! Everyone wins!


Currently: June

It's June.  It may not *feel* like June as it is currently in the 50s and raining where I'm at.

Two things are certain in life: the months change and Farley's Currently is posted.  

I just got home from our 3rd and FINAL Kindergarten graduation.  

Since I teach in a cyber setting, we traveled all over the state to celebrate our Kinders and their accomplishments this year.  

We laughed, we cried and we drove for hours on end. {Seriously, look at that map}  But we are finally home.  I am on the couch with the hubs watching one of our favorite shows.  Life is good.

Except I have been fighting a head cold since Friday (hence, needing meds) and haven't gotten a good night's sleep in....too.long.  

I get it, I am pregnant and in a few short months I will apparently never sleep again so I gotta get it in NOW people! 

Thank goodness in just 8 more days (3 school, 5 work), I can concentrate on just that.  Less than 3 months until Baby Boy makes his debut and our lives change drastically, forever.  As in, once this preggoness is over, life does not "return to normal" regardless of the thoughts I sometimes have in my head.

BUT luckily, I gots a good 8 week vacay before our lives become chaos son arrives.  Which means TPT-ing, blogging maybe, meeting up with fellow bloggers fo sho, crossing tons of stuff off my summer to do list, and the freedom to just lay around the house without the responsibility of another human's life.  Oh these last months mean freedom and I couldn't be more thankful they also mean NO WORK! HOLLER : )

Can't wait to read about what's going on with you currently.  Oh and you should also donate! All the cool kids are doing it.