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Saturday, May 2, 2015
It has been quite awhile. Mostly because of this:
Before I get to Currently, a quick pregnancy update in numbers:

23 weeks
17 more to go
baby stahl is 1 lb 11 inches
mom to be is +14lbs

If it weren't for Currently and Five for Friday, I'd probably never blog so thank you ladies!

Hubs is painting baby's room.  I was going to clean the upstairs bathrooms but fumes are pretty strong so I am couch sitting/blogging instead.  I really do wish I could help!
Here is my Pinterest-inspirations for his room: {click the pics for the original source}

Map, neutral, striped curtains.- I would probably add more of a nautical slant to this. I'd add some navy blue (in the curtains), the footrest/ puff would be cute with a compass rose design and an anchor or boat themed rug. Make it a little more playful.

nautical the map of the lake, which goes with the theme of the secret name Adam and I have chosen for our hypothetical child, non-conceived child

I love the map

Moving on: New Opportunities

Well first, I am loving being back in school--grad school-- to obtain my Master's in Reading and Reading Specialist cert.  Just finished my first class and then...
I landed the opportunity to contribute to  as they are building a Lesson Plan database.  I am SO excited to be working for them over this Summer!!

We have a million and one things going on the next few weekends.  Today is the calm before the storm: birthday parties, Mother's Day, cookouts, work trips.

While I am obviously looking forward to Summer and no school, I am afraid my pregnant butt will get lazy and gain too much unnecessary weight so I am really trying to stay focused on being healthy and exercising which for me is just walking and maybe swimming.

I am taking two grad courses this Summer, I have a long list of TPT products since I haven't made anything significant since 2014 and I am dreaming of the day our baby boy joins us and we are a family of three.  I just hope I can keep a good balance and be the best I can at all my jobs!!

If you made it through this, here is a goodie for Cinco de Mayo!

Happy May : )


Marcia said...

I love your inspiration rooms. So calming. Congrats on your upcoming addition to your family. He will be here before you know it.

1stgradefireworks said...

Love the babies room inspirations...great colors..Would love to learn more about Send me info! Thanks. wendy 1stgradefireworks

Mrs 3rd Grade said...

What a fun baby room! Enjoy every moment, because I promise he will be here before you know it!! What a fun opportunity to be back in school too! I finished my masters right before my son was born!

Mrs. 3rd Grade 

Martina Granzella Cahill said...

You have so many exciting things going on this month. I loved your whole post!

Martina Granzella Cahill said...

Also, your blog is so beautiful!

Everyone deServes to Learn said...

Love the inspiration for the nursery! Congrats on the gig with - that must be exciting!

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