Five for Fraturday: May Edition

Oh HEYY mid-May!  You came around pretty quickly.  Time, I am NOT complaining because every minute, day, week that passes means I am closer to sweet sweet Summer.  As long as you slow down right around June 12th (my last day).  I know some of you lucky ducks are done already.  I still have a week of Keystone Exams (all teachers are required to help out!!), three Kindergarten graduations to attend across the state and a full week of grading, report cards and all that jazz. Here's what I have been up to lately.
Do you teach Kindergarten? Do you send home a summer packet? I am sure you do.  

I compiled one with some great freebies.  But since I teach in a cyber setting, I have to MAIL it! Writing addresses and licking envelops is not my strong suit, all.  Some kiddos may be getting theirs towards the end of June at the rate I am going... Here's some of the freebies I included. 
{click on pics to check them out}
Summer Reading Log K-5 {Forever Freebie}
Summer Reading Logs by Casey Hallett

Summer Journal Paper- FREEBIE!
Summer Journal Paper by Sweet Sounds of Kindergarten

FREE Reading Comprehension Passages - Word Families & Blends
OBSESSED with these reading comprehension pages by Kaitlynn Albani --her stuff is INCREDIBLE!

Summer Learning Fun! ~  Summer Calendar & Sight Word Activities
Calendars with daily activities by Learning Ahoy

We had our last PD of the year.  I was literally the first person to show up.  Even before the principals.  Why? So I could secure a table for my K team at the back of the room closest to the bathrooms since I go about 100084x a day. No joke.  

Anyway, we always get our obligatory picture when the 10 of us are together.  Selfie style this time.  Someone needs to get this girl a stick already!!

I can't believe I am sharing this but gotta keep it real.  My feet/ankles/legs (mainly my left) have been swelling like CRAZY! 
I have reached month 6 of pregnancy.  And I really should clean my bathroom mirror.  It's hard to reach with that bulging belly, however.

As I type, hubs is putting the final coat of paint on baby boy's room.  Here's what it looks like now plus the two things I bought for the room thus far.

Memorial Day Close Reading Pack. 2 bucks!! 
It was FREE this morning for an hour but you probably missed it since you don't follow me on Facebook yet! Don't lose out again!!

I can't.stop.downloading.chevron.paper.
This is by: Ralph and Arthur.  I discovered him/them/her? today.  What is cool is all of their schtuff is FREE for personal use and then you can purchase individual licenses or a pack of 5 licenses. 

Enjoy your last weekend before a three day weekend! Or maybe you are already having a permanent summer weekend?  I won't know unless you leave a braggy comment about it! ; )