Five for Funday: Birthday Edition

Let's get this party started!!!
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Today I turn 28.  It is a really special year! My mom was also 28 when she had me and now I will be having my baby in just 5 more months!
Here is me as a wee one!
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This week we had two activities days {field trips for the students, if you will}.  If you don't remember or are just reading my blog for the first time, I teach Kindergarten cyber school. 
Order of the Planets Mnemonic Device
So seeing and working with the kiddos is a big deal and it was SO much fun.  K-2 came on Thursday and we did activities all about the Solar System including making constellations out of marshmallows and toothpicks, crater dust with flour and baby oil, painting ect.  We also did this adorable foldable by Stephanie Platt to learn the order of the planets.  It was a hit!

The next day was Pi Day (a day early).  3rd-8th graders came this time and this K teacher was slightly intimidated.  My station was making this pi ski-line. We simply graphed the numbers in Pi (we had a cheat sheet) with markers and then painted the background with water colors.  I had some students come back to do a second so I would say that is a great measure of success!  I found this on Pinterest here.

Here's the hubs and I at my birthday dinner last night which was DELISH! and....we are finding out boy or girl TOMORROW!!! Best birthday ever :) Leave a guess and if you are right I will send a freebie your way!!

Hope you have a great Sunday Funday!! We are off to run errands and then to my in-laws for a birthday Mexican Fiesta!! Love me so tacos and carnitas!!
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