Let's rewind to 2014...

Warning: This long post has nothing to do with teaching. at.all.


        This has been the longest.week.ever.  It's Wednesday the week before Christmas.  My week probably looks a little a lot different than yours.  Being in a cyber school environment, I am not having to deal with a lot of the Christmas Craziness.  It is bittersweet.  I wonder if this week would feel like it is going faster if it were filled with holiday crafts, snacks, movies and parties.  Or maybe it wouldn't matter.

See, on Monday, I found out I am pregnant. WITH child! All I have EVER dreamed (sp? or is it dreamt?) my entire life was about being a mom.  Sure, I wanted to be married and all that.  But I never really thought about my wedding.  I thought about after--growing a family.  The hustle and bustle of babies.  I have been waiting.  Thankfully, not too long.  I really thought it would take longer.  I am one of those people who obsesses over what they want/think should happen in the next step of this grand plan called life.  And through lots of trial and error, have realized, it doesn't happen that way.  So Monday was the most happiest day ever.

Yet, my happiness is overshadowed by A. being sick sick sick and tired!! B. not being able to scream it from the rooftops. just yet.  Waiting until my first doctors appointment in the New Year.  In the meantime, we have shared with close family and a few friends.

It is all I can think about--consuming my every thought.  I just had to write down how I feel.  Which is elated mixed with exhaustion and nausea all.day.  Praying the next 6 weeks aren't identical to this one.  Or it is going to be a slow go.  But it will all be worth it 8 months from now :)

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