Georgia, baby!
It has been awhile since I have joined in on the F4F party but today seemed perfect since it is about to snow AND I am avoiding starting my grad paper.  Bloggin' always makes for great procrastination.
We had another ultrasound this week! If you missed the news, we are having a baby!!
He/She is looking more like a human and less like a precious blob these days : )
With baby comes cravings.  I went through a bit of a candy stage.  Which coincided with Valentine's Day so it kind of worked out! I randomly wanted Airheads. I honestly probably hadn't had one since 2001. I couldn't find them anywhere!!
But Mom came through and they were just as good as I remembered.
You are probably thinking "Is she only going to talk about babies and food?"  My answer is....well...maybe!
We had breakfast at one of my best friend's brother's BBQ place.  He only serves breakfast for a few weeks in the winter so it is super exclusive and you need a reservation and you have to know someone.  I dreamed/dreamt about this for quite some time now and boy did he deliver! This was my sandwich--3 eggs (2 fried, 1 scrambled), bacon, cooper cheese and fried onions on sourdough bread.  We also shared PBJ French toast and homemade orange pistachio donuts. OML it was delish.
If you are ever in Central PA,  do yourself a favor and go to Shakedown BBQ.
Finally something teaching-related.  Even though Spring seems like it will never come this year and we are currently awaiting our 45th snowstorm, I decided to giveaway some copies of my Spring Math Centers to summon the warmth gods.
Head to my FB page to enter.  It is super easy, I promise.  All you do is LIKE or COMMENT.  I may be making a side deal that if you SHARE you automatically win, but don't tell everyone that.  Aww, shucks, if you comment here I will count that as an entry, too.
Here's a little looksee into what is included.  I might even make a matching literacy center set.  Maybe if I finish my grad paper in time...
Speaking of the cold.  HOLLA if you are just FED UP.  I tried for so long not to complain.  I was even that person back in January trying to stay positive and post things like this on FB:
Well that was a month and 78 snowstorms ago so I am not really believing in that hooligan stuff anymore.  I had a dream on Wednesday night that I was in Georgia visiting my family and I woke up Thursday and I just HAD to book flights to Atlanta.  I had no choice really.  If you live in the South and are reading this shaking your head saying "But it is COLD here too, you crazy girl!"
Well I say to you, we are going in April.  SO it is sure to be warm there.  Like wear your bathing suit (getting a new bathing suit as I will be 19 weeks pregnant---that is another post of its own), lay by the pool warm. {A girl can dream, right?}  My logic is, by April, it is BOUND to be warmer than it is here.  Because sometimes it snows here. in April. It has happened, people.
So here we come, GA! Where the peaches and the Chick-Fil-As are plenty!

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Let's rewind to 2014...

Warning: This long post has nothing to do with teaching. at.all.


        This has been the longest.week.ever.  It's Wednesday the week before Christmas.  My week probably looks a little a lot different than yours.  Being in a cyber school environment, I am not having to deal with a lot of the Christmas Craziness.  It is bittersweet.  I wonder if this week would feel like it is going faster if it were filled with holiday crafts, snacks, movies and parties.  Or maybe it wouldn't matter.

See, on Monday, I found out I am pregnant. WITH child! All I have EVER dreamed (sp? or is it dreamt?) my entire life was about being a mom.  Sure, I wanted to be married and all that.  But I never really thought about my wedding.  I thought about after--growing a family.  The hustle and bustle of babies.  I have been waiting.  Thankfully, not too long.  I really thought it would take longer.  I am one of those people who obsesses over what they want/think should happen in the next step of this grand plan called life.  And through lots of trial and error, have realized, it doesn't happen that way.  So Monday was the most happiest day ever.

Yet, my happiness is overshadowed by A. being sick sick sick and tired!! B. not being able to scream it from the rooftops. just yet.  Waiting until my first doctors appointment in the New Year.  In the meantime, we have shared with close family and a few friends.

It is all I can think about--consuming my every thought.  I just had to write down how I feel.  Which is elated mixed with exhaustion and nausea  Praying the next 6 weeks aren't identical to this one.  Or it is going to be a slow go.  But it will all be worth it 8 months from now :)