Hello 2015.

Something about twenty fifteen just feels so right already.  I couldn't possibly go to bed on 1.1.15 without joining in on Farley's Fabulous Currently!  They are always so fun and interesting---really a monthly milestone.  If you aren't linkin' up, your missing out!
Listening: My dad is a music guru.  He always finds the coolest tracks before they go mainstream.  I can't get this one out of my head!  Seriously, go find it on Youtube.  It will not disappoint.
Loving: Speaking of music, Fresh Feeling by the Eels:
"Birds singing a song
Old paint is peeling
This is that fresh
That fresh feeling"
Maybe birds aren't *quite* singing considering they are all smart and go South for winter.  But that fresh feeling of a new year is upon us.
Thinking: I applied for Grad School today and I am super pumped to soon be taking classes, learning new schtuff and writing papers.  Maybe I will regret saying that third thing but, forreal, I like writing papers.  My college roommate and I used to work out a deal that I would write her paper if she cleaned my bathroom.  That was a win-win situation right there.
Wanting: I go back to work. tomorrow. for one day and then the weekend.  Silly!
Needing: New year's got me thinking about taxes already.  Sometimes I try to do it myself (scary) and other times I overpay incompetent very sweet old retired ladies at H&R block to do my taxes.  While I am no top seller, I did make a chunk o' change from TPT last year and I need some solid guidance.  Better get on that.
Blahhh work tomorrow.  Strike the maybe--this will be the best year! As long as it snows! Commeonn man I want some SNOW DAYS like tomorrow.
Enjoy the rest of your days off : )
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