Merry Christmas to ME!
I am linkin' up with the ladies at Blog Hoppin' to show off what I bought during the BIG sale!  I had a hard time restraining myself from making these purchases until midnight on Sunday.  I started a new set of centers which equals needing wanting a TON of new clipart.  So clipart is what I bought!

Digital Mojo {I stinkin' LOVE this name}
With all this amazing talent, I was able to whip together some Holiday themed centers.  Just leave a comment and I will pick a winner tomorrow!

**Side note** To be honest, I didn't buy anything for the classroom because...

I no longer have one : (  Well, truthfully, I never really had my own classroom--just borrowed ; ) It's bittersweet but I started teaching at a cyber school about a month ago. It is definitely different and it wasn't in my grand plan.  But, like the Rolling Stones once said: You can't always get what you want.  I tried by darndest.  And I got what I need.  Which is stability and a job. For which I am thankful.

I exerted self-control and saved some bucks.  I hope you did, too! I can't wait to head back to the linky party and see what everyone else got! I mean, it's ONLY 10pm.

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Positively Learning said...

LOVE all the clipart! You'll get so much use out of all the sets. I didn't know about Amanda - thank you! Jen