14 in '14 {memories}

As I reflect upon this past year, it was truly the year of babies and weddings sprinkled with a new job and a bit of heartache during my dad's illness (thankfully, he is better).  Life continued to move at a steady pace still with its fair share of changes.  I think looking back is the greatest way to prepare to move forward.  Here we go : )
First wedding: My cousin Paul who I am very close to.  He is almost like the brother I never had.  Paul married his bride, Kendall (also a teacher) in Roswell, Georgia on a very cold Southern weekend.  Luckily, the warmth of family and friends was abundant.

My bestest friend since 2nd grade, Lauren, had a beautiful baby boy in May.  He is so special. I am enjoying being an "aunt" to this precious boy and watching him grow.

Just a few days later, after a very complicated pregnancy, we welcomed our first nephew, Landis into the world.  My sister-in-law is a champ--so patiently waiting 45 days of hospital bed rest for this miracle to arrive.  Ever more than I love being an aunt, I am so loving watching Jon as an uncle.  Landis is the first grandbaby and is spoiled with love and affection : )

Atlantic City to celebrate one of my best friend's bachelorette party!  That's all I can say about that ; )

Dewey Beach, Delaware with my mom and our friends. We try to take a trip annually and the beach has been our spot the past two years.  Always a fun time!
V and K's wedding was such a perfect day celebrating two amazing people. V and I have been friends since we were 13--through thick and thin.  It was so awesome to watch her marry the man of her dreams.


The very next weekend, my other guy cousin, Pete, married his lovely bride, Laura.  Their wedding was at a beautiful old barn set on 100 acres of land.  It felt almost like a family reunion with all of the outdoor games and good times.  The night ended with a professional fireworks display--the perfect end to a perfect day.
A last minute trip to Baltimore with friends meant a visit to the aquarium.  It was such a fun day followed by lots of walking, food and drinks!
I started the school year in my favorite grade--2nd.  While it only lasted a little over a month, it was one of my favorite classes I have ever taught.  The journey as a substitute was long and hard but I wouldn't trade it.  My experiences were beyond what I could have ever learned in one classroom alone.  This job led me to my new permanent position as a Kindergarten teacher at a cyber school.  While it wasn't what I thought I wanted, it is what I needed.
Here's some of the kindergarten team at our Christmas party.  I have only been there about 2 months but they have made me feel part of the family already.  And for that I am grateful.
Our good friends invited us back to Baltimore a few weeks ago to go to the Ravens game.  It was a fabulous time and a great last trip before the holidays!!
I can't wait to read about everyone else's year-in-review.  I am off to lunch and a movie with my parents on this chilly Tuesday.  I only have two more days of break before I am back at work on Friday : (  But at least it is the weekend again right after : )


Christmas Convo

Happy Holidays, all!
             Today I am linkin' up with Abby over at The Inspired Apple to talk, talk, talk type, type, type about everything Christmas! Click on the button below to join the convo!

I really love Christmas Eve just as much as Christmas Day.  Last year we added a new tradition of roasting a pig with my best friend and her in-laws who are from Croatia.  I almost let it spoil my fondue dinner which I look forward to ALL YEAR.  (I refuse to ever go to the Melting Pot).

I can't wait to read about your Christmas favs!

Merry Chrismahannukwanzikah Friends!!


Merry Christmas to ME!

I am linkin' up with the ladies at Blog Hoppin' to show off what I bought during the BIG sale!  I had a hard time restraining myself from making these purchases until midnight on Sunday.  I started a new set of centers which equals needing wanting a TON of new clipart.  So clipart is what I bought!

Digital Mojo {I stinkin' LOVE this name}
With all this amazing talent, I was able to whip together some Holiday themed centers.  Just leave a comment and I will pick a winner tomorrow!



**Side note** To be honest, I didn't buy anything for the classroom because...

I no longer have one : (  Well, truthfully, I never really had my own classroom--just borrowed ; ) It's bittersweet but I started teaching at a cyber school about a month ago. It is definitely different and it wasn't in my grand plan.  But, like the Rolling Stones once said: You can't always get what you want.  I tried by darndest.  And I got what I need.  Which is stability and a job. For which I am thankful.

I exerted self-control and saved some bucks.  I hope you did, too! I can't wait to head back to the linky party and see what everyone else got! I mean, it's ONLY 10pm.