December Currently

It's the most wonderful time of the year!  December 1st brings feelings of joy, gratitude, giving AND sharing....what's up with you right now? I can't wait to read about it! Link up with Farley and take part in the fun!
I have a sale to get to so I am going to make this QUICK!
If you aren't down with Modern Family, I am not sure I want to be friends. (jk) No, but seriously.  I know I am like 5 years behind but I.LOVE.THIS.SHOW!
We got a LIVE tree and it is awesome! First one for us ever.  I grew up with a HUGE live tree every year (my parents' house has 17 ft ceilings!!).  Now they switched to fake so it's just not the same.  I had a void that needed filled.  It was super fun to pick it out and bring it home (strapped on the roof, Christmas Vacation style).  Only a few profanities slipped during the transportation and setting up process so all around a SUCCESS!
I don't want to brag but we have off tomorrow! Why, you ask? Because it's the first day of hunting season, duh!! *insert sarcasm*  Not a hunter myself but I can get behind any reason for an extra day off!
I have THE MOST difficult parents to buy for.  Mostly, my dad.  Gift suggestions are welcome, encouraged, please. help.
I started going to the gym. {pats self on back}.  See, I got this new job--still in education-- and well, I have more time and energy to go.  AND get this, they reimburse gym memberships.  Well, hello? It was a no brainer. 
My lack of productivity=your gain
Here is my unfinished 2nd grade Print and Go Math for Winter.  **FREE** Enjoy : )
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Lauren Patricia said...

Hi Molly!

I am loving the Christmas tree too! There is just something about a brightly lit tree that makes me happy! :)

Kendra Passarelli said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE a real tree!! Isn't the smell so wonderful!!?? You have a day off for hunting season!! I have never heard of such a thing! I live in California...we don't get snow days, hunting days, or any of that jazz! Enjoy your day off and Happy December :)

This Little Ladybug

Ashley Smith ~ The Primary Source said...

I have never had a real tree, but have always wanted one. Maybe next year....