OoooH! It's October

I don't have to explain to you that September was rough.  When I say rough, I mean that in the best way possible.  An absolute whirlwind.  I am welcoming October with open arms and an open heart. (Oh jeez, I sound like Jane Seymour from the Kay Jeweler's commercial.)

I may not post consistently but I am all about one thing every month and that is linkin' up with
Farley over at Oh Boy 4th Grade
Because every month deserves it's own little BIG celebration!
Oh' Boy 4th Grade
1) Bravo could be the only channel on TV and that would be a-o-k with me! The hubs, not so much.  So while he is away I am getting my fill.
 I love me some Housewives and all of the other wonderful reality show concepts they come up with {I may have watched 5 episodes of Below Deck last night}. 
Currently,(see what I did there?) they don't have multiple housewives going on at once because Andy Cohen must know us teachers have been really busy with school and don't have near as much time to keep up with 3 cities at once like we did this summer (or is that just me?)

2)  Wow.  This is huge! I started my store one year ago and I am so so so so grateful for what TPT has provided for my life.  Not just financially, but as an outlet for creativity and the support of a wonderful community.  Nuff said.  GIVEAWAY to CELEBRATE! Win my All Things Autumn: Print and Go Math.  I will give away 4 since I am at 104 followers and there is a 4 in the ones place. (Anyone else been teaching place value non-stop?!)
3) Self explanatory.  Do you get a Fall break?
Actually, don't even answer that or I won't like you anymore.
(just kidding)
4) I never want to go to the movies.  I always prefer waiting for it to come out On Demand and watching it in my pajamas at home on my couch {with wine}. 
But I do have the urge to go see Annabelle. Why? You ask.
 I kind of have a thing about scary dolls.  Child's Play was the first scary movie I ever saw when I was wayyy too young to see it and it scarred me for life.  So why not put an end to the Chucky fear and replace it with Annabelle? Yep, that sounds good!
5) Story of my life: always waiting for some news.  Where will I go next? What will I teach? If you have the answers to these questions, I'd love to know ; )
(and I won't even be mad if you get a Fall break!)
Here's a TREAT for you : ) Just click the pic to go to my FB page for a freebie : )
Happy October, all!