Football Centers and Hula Hooping...

Tomorrow will be the 10th day of school but somehow it already feels like it will be the 50th.  The days have been long, hot and full of sweat.  Cute, right?

Luckily, the temps are supposed to cool down so hopefully we can up our productiveness.  I am very happy with our progress so far and surviving the heat and humidity has created a "We can get through this together" kind of attitude.  I really can't wait for what is to come!

The beginning of the year has been a learning curve for me.  I have come to realize you can't do it all at once, you have to take it slow and balance focusing on a day at a time with looking at the big picture.

So in order to make sense of it all, I am here to link up with Deedee Wills to share my visual plans.  These actually have really been helping me so it's worth it to take the time to make them.  Hope they help you, too!

Click on the picture to download my plans and then everything is clickable!

I am starting math center rotations tomorrow! I have been prepping furiously and didn't want to rush into them without feeling like my students were ready.  I am still using my Back to School Math centers and Amy Lemons' from my previous Visual Plans post.

But I will start to prep my newly updated Football themed centers, too!

Preview my Football themed centers for a *FREEBIE*! Or you can go to my Facebook page and enter to win a FREE copy : )

My plan is to spend some time reviewing this week.  Our district adopted a new math curriculum so it has been a little bit of a rough start.  It is all so new--the language and writing is definitely a challenge and it will take some time to adapt.  I'd rather than have kiddos lost in the weeks to come.

We started interactive notebooks on day 2 of school but have only used them a few times since.  I am making it my goal to use them everyday this week with Blair Turner's genius Common Core Interactive Math Notebook.

Spelling went SO well last week.  After we pretested, I took a chance and went with just two spelling lists.  I have used up to 4 at times and it is A  LOT to keep track of.  I don't want to seem like I am cutting corners but from the pretest results, I thought it would work--and it DID! The words were appropriately challenging for both groups.  SUCCESS!  I won't pretest this week but will stick with two lists.  Until I see a need for change, I am going to keep on going : )

I am SO excited for a new story/skill.  I dragged out the first story for 7 days and it was getting OLD.  AND I cannot WAIT to finally use hula hoops in my class.


Okay let me take you back for a minute.  I used to work at Hooters.  Yes, I was a Hooter's girl.
We hula hooped.  A LOT.  I loved it.  One customer actually told me that the only time he saw me "really smile" was when I was hula hooping.  
I will probably end up hula hooping for my kids this week.  Maybe I can make that into some kind of bribe classroom reward for good behavior.
Or to motivate them to write.  This is definitely an area that needs improvement.  That's why I am taking it back to the basics.  We need to practice writing on the line, neatness, finger spaces and illustrating.  So that's what we shall do.
Well I better go.  Back to School night is Tuesday.  I need to mentally and physically prepare for that. I have about 30 Pinterest ideas I'd like to complete by then. {HA! like that's going to happen}  Luckily, the teacher I am in for said she will come so that will help.  I hope no one asks me any really tough questions.  I will already be sweating because I'm sure it will be hot.  I am trying to put together a Powerpoint and not just give 100 handouts But my projector isn't even working right now.
If all else fails, maybe I will just hula hoop.

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