Five for Fraturday

My heart is happy.  This week we finally got over the beginning of the year bump.  Back to School night is over {thank goodness}, MOST assessments have been administered and we are finally into some good ole fashioned learning! {or maybe it's new fashioned?}

Linkin' up for my favorite party with Doodle Bugs!
Here is an abbreviated overview of the past 3 weeks of school--EEKK!

Do you Daily Five?  I have tried incorporating a few aspects of it--without reading the book-- which I am sure is so wrong on so many levels. 

So when I went to teach about reading with a partner, I told them to read like this. 

And I explained the acronym EEKK by saying how our elbows and knees are parallel.   Because parallel makes a lot of sense to 7 year olds.  Anyway, I kind of decided that I like them to read their anthology books like this since they are so big (the books, note the kids).  I guess I will do a follow up lesson next week about reading the SAME book and sharing and sitting next to each other and all that that and I promise I will get it right the second time.  : )

When I saw this picture on Pinterest,
I knew even with 100 other things on my (mental) to do list, it had to be done.
{Unfortunately, I cannot find the original source.  The picture doesn't lead to anywhere and I even did a google search, so I apologize if this is yours!! Please let me know and I will give credit : )}
I put my own spin on it and included a pencil craft the kids made with a bunch of scrapbooking paper I had sitting around my house just looking pretty.  I put it up in time for Back to School night and then realized my door would be open while parents walked by my room so they probably wouldn't even see it : /  Oh well! I still love it!

We dove into math centers this week after I prepped for two weeks and changed my mind 5,000 times about how I wanted it to be set up and who should be partners with who and what time of math we should do them and all those other logistics.  We did them 3x so far and it made me SOO happy to see them working together and having fun while practicing necessary skills : )

 Glad I took this picture so I could see some of my friends need some more practice ; )

This happened on Thursday night.  How does this happen?! 
I don't have a clue but it makes me SOOOO excited!!!

I made these.  It only took two weekends, four trips to different stores, a stop at my parents and my husband's help but I finished them and they are in my classroom and there are 5 of them and I shouldn't sit on them because they are not designed for full grown people to use 'em but they look perrrrty and that's all that matters, right?
Have a great weekend!!!! It feels like a cool, autumn day here in Pennsylvania.  We have a 4 mile walk for Out of the Darkness: Suicide prevent later today. 
If you are feeling generous and want to donate, click here : )


Heather L said...

Your classroom door looks great!! Such a cute idea to add the pencils around it!


Alex John said...

Hi there! I love your door design how cute! I also loved reading that you changed your mind a million times about math centers too! I keep going back and forth in my head about math... we will see how it turns out!