I am going to get a little personal before I share my schedule.  It's kind of ironic I will be sharing a schedule because I have had a very recent epiphany.  Are you ready for this?

You cannot plan, control or schedule all of the events in your life.  And that's okay.  I already knew this but I needed a good reminder.

Let me explain. 

As you all know, I have been on an intense job search this summer.  Like 8 interviews, 4 school districts, over 20 applications, countless hours of waiting and wishing. In this time, I have done some major reflecting.  Through my ups and downs {there have been a few more downs it's seemed}, what I realized is, The Rolling Stones were SO right.  "We can't always get what we want." But that's okay. 

Last night I was offered a 2nd grade long term position and I started today.  It's not a full time permanent position and that's okay.  Because it is just what I need right now.  And we only have right now.  We don't have tomorrow, or next week, month or year.  This exact moment is all we can be certain of.

We had inservice today and let me tell you, it was powerful.

Kaitlin Roig-DeBellis  was the keynote speaker.  If you don't recognize her name, you will recognize her story.  She was the 1st grade teacher at Sandy Hook Elementary who protected her students by locking them and herself in the bathroom of her classroom.  Her room was 10 feet away from where the shooting started.

While I anticipated her presentation to be, without a doubt, very sad and upsetting, her message was one of hope and choice.  We cannot control what happens to us but we can control how we react.  Her story really put everything into perspective.

I could go on and on about the whole day and how uplifting and inspirational Kaitlin is as a survivor and a teacher.  I am amazed by her strength to share her story and purpose.  If anyone is interested, Kaitlin has started an organization called Classes 4 Classes which strives to teach students about the interconnectivity of humankind and promotes taking action and making positive changes in others' lives.

Alright, let's switch gears and talk about my year.  As I said I will be teaching 2nd grade again which I LOVE!  I am just drawn to that age group and luckily most of the resources I have created are for 2nd grade so I cannot wait to use them again!!  This schedule is still tentative but it hasn't changed much over the past two years. I like it because we are never confined to the classroom for too long! 

It's pretty self explanatory but I'd love to hear any comments/questions you have!  I am off to bed--another day of PD tomorrow {and MORE classroom set up! Pictures to come : ) } Then getting ready for the first day back with the students on Monday!!

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Alex John said...

I loved the motivational words in this blog post... just what I needed! Im happy that you get to go to 2nd grade! I have taught 2nd and enjoyed it. Nice to see you on the hop!