Hello, September! & A quick first week recap.

This September marks 1 year since my hubs and I bought our house and got married.  It also marks 1 year since my grandmother passed away.  It's a bittersweet month full of memories. 

I am not sorry to say goodbye to August.  It was a stressful month of unknowns.  While my teaching future still is not certain, I am back in 2nd grade right now where I feel I belong.

{Looking a little disheveled after my first classroom set-up experience. 
PS. not sure why I decided to wear a dress....all.day.}

We had successful first week and accomplished a lot despite the heat.

Thanks to Wendy at Read with Me ABC, my kids (and I) left school with our adorable "I had a great first day" bracelets. 
I started a post to go into more detail about what else we did this week so check back for that.
 Fast forward to the end of the week. 
Friday night looked like this:
Cutting lamination has been a nightly activity in our household. 
Even Smokey gets in on the action ; )
Next up.  Time for Currently September thanks to Farley over at Oh' Boy 4th Grade.
Oh' Boy 4th Grade
I love pretty much every Lumineers' song but Big Parade is one of my favs. Oh my my, oh hey hey!
I am loving almost every aspect of being back in school teaching 2nd grade.
Except for that....
My feet are KILLING me. 
There is NO AC.  It should be illegal. Of course we are having the summer we never had.  As in, it's been in the 60s-70s for the past 3 months. And now that I am isolated in a room with 21 little humans, it decides to be in the lower 90s with 80% humidity.
Funny, the way it is ; )

Due to the above fact, you would've thought I'd pick Alaska or Iceland for my dream vacay.  But no, I do like to vacation in the heat--just not teach in it!  I WILL go to one of those places in the next 3 years.  Yeah that sounds good!
Can't wait to read about what you are currently up to!


The Cutesy Teacher said...

I found you on the September Currently Link :-)I would die if I had to teach without AC! I hope it cools down for you soon. I understand about your feet hurting after going back. I've given up on having cute shoes and I go for comfort now! Enjoy the long weekend :-)

Suzanne said...

It should be illegal to not have a/c in classrooms. What a sweet guy your hubby is to cut out laminating with you!

Krazy Town

Anchored In 3rd Grade said...

GIRL- I FEEL YOU! Cold summer while home and now it's Blazing hot! However, we do have central air at work- when it decides to work. It AMAZES me that there are still schools without AC!!! This is 2014! It should be standard! Even in Alaska. I LOVE the heat too, but I don't like to work in it.

Erin said...

I'm with you in needing AC in schools. Our elementary school gets pretty brutal! Last year I had kiddies with sweat dripping down their legs and we were trying to do MAP Testing. That sure gave us some valuable data...not!
Best of luck as you start the new year!
Short and Sassy Teacher

vicky1970 said...

Molly - your blog is so cute! I love the colors. So glad I found you! Hubby's are the best!
Teaching and Much Moore

Tasha Emmerson said...

Your blog is super adorable! I also need AC in my room. It is so hot! I am taking a fan this week in hopes that it helps! I'm tired of the heat headaches I get :( Hopefully it cools down soon!

Tasha Emmerson
Confessions of a Tiny Teacher

Jill said...

I'm a sub as well and this is the first time in 4 years that I don't have a classroom to go to on the first day! {I'm in Ontario and there is a lot of politic involved right now} Love your blog and I love your dress!

Apple Bottom Beans