HELLO August: 5 for Friday & Currently Mash Up

Hello bloggy world!
          This wonderful, work-free Friday {for both me and the hubs!!} I am going to be linkin' up with my two favorite parties: 5 for Friday with Doodlebugs Teaching AND Farley's Currently August Edition.  It's a beautiful thing when these two collide so I just couldn't pass up the opportunity.  You should hop on the bandwagon and do the same!

First up, 5 for Friday.


This past week, the hubs and I took a mid-week vacay with our friends, S and G, for G's birthday to Baltimore.  It was full of fun, food, baseball, and walking around.  LOTS of walking. Okay so I am showing you a picture of us riding a boat and not walking but TRUST ME when I tell you I am SORE from the miles and miles of walking but it was ALL worth it because we had a blast.  
{on the ferry from Inner Harbor to Fells Point}

Hubs and I went to the Aquarium because I had never been before!!! No one could believe that but I had such a deprived childhood it is not very surprising.  I kid, I kid.  I was spoiled like crazy.  
But just never made it there.  So there we went and there we saw fish, stingrays, SHARKS {AHH!}, frogs, sea turtles, Nemo fish, Dori fish, birds, lizards, snakes.  You name it, we saw it.  
Except a whale, there was no whale.
Fish like lettuce. Who knew? 
I would NOT want to mess with this guy.

The JELLYFISH were my fav!  Probably because we learned about jellyfish in 2nd grade this year and it is one of the stories that sticks out because  I really liked it  the students enjoyed it so much.

This picture is not upside down, the jellyfish swim the wrong way!! Or is it the right way?

Great stuff in here, I tell ya!  There are FIVE centers total and they cover many of the beginning of the year 2nd grade skills including:
--skip counting using calculators
--name collection boxes
--3 D shapes
--ordering numbers {up to 3 digits}
--place value {ones and tens}

Want to try them out?! GO and LIKE my Facebook Page and come back and leave a comment and you can have a copy for your classroom!! : )

Or you can skip all that if you are feeling lazy already a fan and 
pick them up on sale for today and tomorrow only!!

We attended the 2nd of 3 weddings we were cordially invited to this summer.  My favorite oldest male cousin, Peter, married the love of his life, Laura, in a beautiful ceremony on an 80 acre property with a renovated barn.  The scenery was gorgeous on its own, and the added touches made it even more perfect.

Couldn't have asked for a more wonderful day!

The new Mr. and Mrs. Lewis! 

The job hunt is still ON.  I am not going to lie.  It is August 1st and not knowing where I will be teaching is scary but I have to keep the faith that everything. will. be. okay.  Please continue to send good vibes my way :)  Hoping to be back with good news soon!
Until then, here's a freebie I made at the end of the school year.  Because every sane person thinks about Labor Day the minute Memorial Day weekend is over, right?  
Click here or on any of the pics below to download!

Onto August Currently with Farley Oh' Boy 4th Grade

LOVE me some Carly Simon...nobody does it better ; )
One of the BEST things about being away is coming home. 
I just wrote this to do list.  It is long.  BUT on the flipside, I have 3 days of no plans to get it all done.  I love a good challenge
I may or may not also be watching E! news in the background...
My love is leaving me for 4 days for work : (  Never like to be apart.  Although his absence will probably help me be more productive with that to-do list!
Being in Baltimore meant eating badly.  But it was SO worth it.  Crabs, clams, mussels, crab mac and cheese, spinach dip, queso, wings wings wings, ravioli, hot dogs...are you disgusted yet? We were only there for three days! EEK!
Public schools around here start August 25th.  But my own future is unknown.  While it drives me crazy because I love to plan, plan, plan--it is also beautiful.
Thanks for stopping by.  I promised 1 more freebie.  Click here or on the picture below!

Thanks for listening : )


Bright Ideas for Teaching said...

Very cute! I figured since you stopped by my blog, I'd check yours out too! :)

Zoe said...

Super cute blog! Love the photos from the aquarium. Good luck with your job hunt :)

Oh the Little Wonders

Erin said...

Your pictures of the jellyfish turned out beautifully! I can imagine why your kids...or you..liked the story so much! Best of luck in the new school year. I hope your perfect school finds you soon!
Short and Sassy Teacher

Haley O'Connor said...

Love your adorable blog! :) I don't like it when my hubby travels either. My first year, he was gone on the first day of school. I cried HYSTERICALLY that he didn't send me flowers. I'm that girl....hahaha...he hasn't been gone on the first day again, lol!

Haley O'Connor said...
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