Sunday Smorgasbord & giveaway!

I couldn't pull together a coherent post this week.  Just too much going on. So let me just throw it all out there for my first:
In life news:
  -the 4th of July came and went.  I blinked and all of a sudden it was July 17th:

{darn Instagram crop!}

                        -One of my BEST friends got married this weekend! It was an all around amazing time from the rehearsal dinner to breakfast the morning after the wedding.  Here's a throwback of us from 10 years ago:
And one from yesterday:
The New Mr. and Mrs. K
Me and the Hubs:
            -I went to the beach with the girls for a few days.  It was a good time but just not long enough.


In school news:
                        -Summer School is officially OVER! I definitely enjoyed the experience and am feeling proud of my work over the past 6 weeks.  Here are two of the sweetest rewards:
A very nice and unexpected note from one of my student's parents. {written on the back of his weekly progress report} It's these kind gestures that keep you going, am I right?

I asked students to reflect on their experience and one student wrote the following.  I kept them anonymous in hopes they would be most honest.  My heart melted when I read this.
                        -I finished my Air and Weather Journal--over 100 pages!! My biggest project to date and I am so excited I want to give one away! Leave a comment if you want a chance to win it : )

             -Part of the reason I haven't posted lately is because I have been interviewing and waiting then interviewing and waiting and currently, I am waiting.  wishing.  hoping I can come back with some great news soon.  I put together a portfolio of my TPT work to share at interviews:

Now that summer school is over, I am focusing on finishing up more TPT products I have currently "in progress" and on my family, friends and having FUN.  We have TWO more weddings coming up and a few trips planned. 

I hope you are enjoying your summer.  I know some of you are gearing up for back to school already.  Have FUN whatever you are doing {and share it by linkin' up!}


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Cherie said...

Yay for finishing summer school! Your latest product looks great! Integrating science with writing is always a wonderful idea!