Sunday Smorgasbord & giveaway!

I couldn't pull together a coherent post this week.  Just too much going on. So let me just throw it all out there for my first:
In life news:
  -the 4th of July came and went.  I blinked and all of a sudden it was July 17th:

{darn Instagram crop!}

                        -One of my BEST friends got married this weekend! It was an all around amazing time from the rehearsal dinner to breakfast the morning after the wedding.  Here's a throwback of us from 10 years ago:
And one from yesterday:
The New Mr. and Mrs. K
Me and the Hubs:
            -I went to the beach with the girls for a few days.  It was a good time but just not long enough.


In school news:
                        -Summer School is officially OVER! I definitely enjoyed the experience and am feeling proud of my work over the past 6 weeks.  Here are two of the sweetest rewards:
A very nice and unexpected note from one of my student's parents. {written on the back of his weekly progress report} It's these kind gestures that keep you going, am I right?

I asked students to reflect on their experience and one student wrote the following.  I kept them anonymous in hopes they would be most honest.  My heart melted when I read this.
                        -I finished my Air and Weather Journal--over 100 pages!! My biggest project to date and I am so excited I want to give one away! Leave a comment if you want a chance to win it : )

             -Part of the reason I haven't posted lately is because I have been interviewing and waiting then interviewing and waiting and currently, I am waiting.  wishing.  hoping I can come back with some great news soon.  I put together a portfolio of my TPT work to share at interviews:

Now that summer school is over, I am focusing on finishing up more TPT products I have currently "in progress" and on my family, friends and having FUN.  We have TWO more weddings coming up and a few trips planned. 

I hope you are enjoying your summer.  I know some of you are gearing up for back to school already.  Have FUN whatever you are doing {and share it by linkin' up!}



Throwback Thursday: My Favorite

Teaching Moment....So far...This year (was the original post title)

It's my first time linking up for throwback Thursday.  I have always been hesitate, well, because I don't have a whole lotta throwback posts since I just started last summer {it's almost my bloggy anniversary : ) } But I looked back and found this one! It is PERFECT for right now because it is my favorite lesson to talk about in interviews {which I have had a few lately!!}

Also, because we were just getting excited for our honeymoon!  Ahh, great memories.

Enjoy : ) Oh and if you think "Making Change" could help you, leave me a comment and I will pick two people to send it to!


I have an excellent memory.  I remember every math lesson I taught last year throughout my 3 different long term assignments.

Teaching the same lessons this year is what teaching is all about! I reflect on how things went in the past, and work on teaching it better and more effectively the second time around.

I remember the lessons on Making Change last year. I never really felt the kids "got it".  I didn't feel like I was consistent in my methods and strategies I taught. Homework came back with a lot of comments for parents saying how tough this was for their child.  I did not have a clear vision of how their little brains were working and their background knowledge.  

This year, I discussed it with my coworkers and one of them broke it down for me and gave me a new tool to use.  While I picked fun of him at first, his help allowed me to teach making change in such a more effective way!

This year, a light bulb went off {for me and the kids! }  As I began teaching, I created a chart with a few steps and arrows.  It just seemed to work! The kids got it! 

Then we went to do it in our math journals--all was lost.  So I whipped up this worksheet the next day to mirror the chart I was using.  They picked it up again!

I saw so many come back from being confused by our math program {which shall remain nameless}. It was one of those amazing teaching moments you never forget.
  If you teach making change, you should definitely check out my new product:


Next up, I need to renovate this blog now that I am not "soon-to-be" Mrs. Stahl although it doesn't quite feel OFFICIAL because my name hasn't OFFICIALLY changed yet.  Why am I waiting? Well getting to the Social Security office when their hours are 8-3 is quite impossible without taking a day off.  The second reason is really great--WE BOOKED OUR HONEYMOON!

Here is a little glimpse at where we will be:

AHH! I am daydreaming way too much.  Since my long term position will be over the day before Thanksgiving, we decided to go December 8th-15th and we could NOT be more excited.  Sorry to make you jealous ; )

Mrs. Stahl
{Sassy Sub}


July, you rock!

Happy Happy July ALL! (insert generic comment about "where did June go? man time flies" yada yada)

Farley's Linky Party is where it's at!! I had to scroll down the page (did you read that like the kid from Sandlot?  If not, go back and reread).  Then I had to hit page 2 and scroll some more.  DANG it was almost too much work for summertime but I persevered and here I am.

To my husband's dismay, I love and watch every.single.housewives.  I justify it by saying this: My life lacks drama (which I am thankful for) so I need to fill that void by watching these ridiculous women.  He (my husband) always gets excited when it's reunion time (because that marks "the end").  He hasn't really picked up on the fact that as soon as one ends, Bravo strategically starts another one immediately after, or runs them simultaneously.  Oh Andy Cohen, you are a genius!

3 day summer school week = 4 day weekend! WOOT WOOT!

I just had an interview.  I am not going into detail because I don't want to "jinx" anything.  Trust me, you will know if anything happens : )

Kristin from A Teeny Tiny Teacher has got me HOOKED on the Bachelor/Bachelorette with her hilarious recaps.  Also, this season, a guy I know from college was on the show!! But he just got let go last night : ( Any Brian fans out there?

I really "need" nothing.  I just had a great interview, I am sitting in the ac, eating guacamole! Life is good!

We have a fun filled weekend in store full of swimming pools, great people and delicious food.  Keep it simple, that's what I say.  What are you doing? Anything exotic or exciting? Let me know and I will live vicariously through you!