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I am linkin' up with KinderGals to share some things I have been working on!  Summer for me hasn't meant much of a "break" but it is definitely more laid back. I am teaching 6th grade Language Arts Monday-Thursday for summer school so my focus is there right now although I am still working on some other projects.

I survived my first week!  Okay, so it wasn't an actual week, it was two days.  But it sure felt like a week.  I thought "oh 1/2 days will be so easy".  Uh...wrong! It is 4 1/2 hours of pretty much uninterrupted instruction.  No recess, lunch or special.  Okay so it's actually 2 hours and 15 minutes x 2 but you catch my drift.  Buckle up because the next few weeks are going to be all about 6th grade!

I attempted to make some visual plans like the fancy pants ones I see around here in bloggyworld.
{I could use some definite help on how to make these more attractive! Just sayin'}

I even sent these to my director.  He probably thought I have too much time on my hands am so creative. 

I found these two freebies to help me get through the first two days since I had:
1. no clue how many students would be in my classes
2. no books until the day before
3. no idea what would work for these students, what they need to work on, or if they would all yell at me for picking a story they've already read.

The first is Bio Poems by Laura Candler and it's pretty much one of the most popular freebies for the upper elementary/middle school.  These went over really well! I was able to learn A LOT about all of my students {roughly 15 in each class}.

On day two, I wanted to capture their attention with something outside of the box.  I stumbled across the extremely talented Stacey Lloyd.  Her products are impeccable and so creative. We watched the music video "Hall of Fame" and now I can't get that song out of my head for the life of me analyzed the stories being told.  You can find this freebie here.

We were told on day 1 that we have the freedom to do whatever we want as long as we don't play full length feature films be creative since we don't have a specific curriculum to follow.  But to keep in mind our school district's current initiatives which is lots of emphasis on writing and the three Rs---rigor, relevance and relationships.  I also tried to take into account the attitudes students would be walking into class with after less than a week since the school year ended.

So naturally, I have started created my own resources to use in class.  We worked on comparative and superlative adjectives but are not quite there yet so I am finishing up this to use next week.

Also working on my Comprehension Skills bundle.  My next two skills are compare/contrast and cause/effect.

I am also slowly adding to Back to School math centers.  I also want to do a literacy version as well.
Science is a subject I could use some more "umph" in my teaching.  It was never a favorite subject of mine so I am not as excited about it as I should be.  Definitely something I want to work on.  While I love that it is hands on and kids are enthusiastic about it, they still need to be accountable for what they are learning in science through writing.  This will be a great resource for just that!

I can't decide which cover I like more.  Thoughts?!
I'd love to see what you are working on.  Even if it isn't school related, link up with Kim at KinderGals! Oh and leave your email and I will send you whatever it is that I do finish next! {Or you can let me know if you'd rather wait for something that will fit your needs more} : )
Thanks for listening!

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Lessons Learned said...

Hey! I love the cover with the lightning and rain drops! Also, LOVE the bowling ball and pins for Cause and Effect.
Your email to me was so sweet and I am going to write you back when I can put FULL thought in it, but please know I am thinking of you on your journey. I am glad you are enjoying sumer school. I wound up with K. Can you believe?! :) Sydney
Lessons Learned