Goodbye School! Hello Summer...School!

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Are you out of school yet?  Today is the last day for the district I sub in!  I know many-a-teachers who are about to have a nervous breakdown over the moon excited and I am happy for them and their long awaited much deserved break! Me, myself, however....well I am teaching summer school which starts next Wednesday! So here is to my 4 day weekend before starting up again! 
I shared a little about this last week but tomorrow 10 girls and I are meeting up in Atlantic City, NJ for one of my best friend's bachelorette party! We have lots of surprises in store!
We are staying at Mr. Trump's Taj Mahal, so I am sure it will be super tacky a real classy trip.  Hoping to get some beach time in tomorrow during then day and then going out for dinner after. I made a "Bachelorette Bucket List" with a cute sparkly pink bucket from Dollar Tree and filled it with little "dares" for each girl to do.  Do you have a bachelorette party coming up? You can download the templates here.

I can't help but think about next school year.  The "unknown" is scary but also thrilling! I am already planning a lot of new TPT products and freebies.  I am just putting the finishing touches on this:

I haven't finished it yet because I am been scouring the internet for affordable royalty free photographs.  I read somewhere about and I just signed up today! While I am a huge fan of clipart, I really think it's important to include real life images.  Do you have any other suggestions of where to obtain high quality photos for your products?

I moved my "office" downstairs because it is so stinkin' hot upstairs {and I am a fan of trying to NOT turn on the AC if at all possible} and plus I never go up there to work.  Usually I am lounging on the couch.  But then it is SO tempting to turn on the tv, get a snack, browse facebook...blogs...buzzfeed.  And I end up not being as productive as I would like to be.  I am hoping this will help me stay on track!

Photo Credit: M Lacey Photography
I am off to spend the afternoon with this precious doll baby {and his momma} before I meet some teacher friends to celebrate the last day of school.  Have a great weekend!


Lessons Learned said...

Hi Molly,

I wanted to say Hi. I read through your blog a lot the other day and please know I have been in your shoes. Not only did I sub for a very long time but I also was part-year hire two years in a row. I went many summers never knowing if I would have a job the following year. Any of my posts with the label "getting to know me" will take you on that journey. But even though next year will be my 5th in my school it will only be my third with a full year contract. I admire and respect your determination!
Let me know about the royalty free images. Also if you ever want to chat.
- Sydney
Lessons Learned

Shawna said...

I too am a sub in my district with very little chance of getting a contract anytime soon. We had about 1000 teachers pink slipped over the past 3 years. So I keep plugging along.

I love your blue desk and chair! Have fun with summer school.
The Picture Book Teacher's Edition

Kristin Herrick said...

I love your Bachelorette bucket list idea! I just went to one a few weeks ago that it would have been perfect for. I think I will still have one or two more this summer, though, so maybe I can still make use of it! I'm trying to spread the word that I'm trying to start a new weekly linkup called Sell It Saturday. I thought you may be interested in joining. I just did the first post today! I'd love for you to join in!

Teaching In A Nutshell