Offically Summer Five for Fraturday!
Oh hello! Time for my FAVORITE weekly linky party! The last one of the month...wait no. There is still one more Friday.  But seriously, where has June gone?  Always nice to stop and reflect on what is going on!  You should, too. {Click here}

Happy Father's Day AND birthday to this guy!  I didn't get to see him or spend time with him last weekend because he was with my hubby down in NC for the US Open.  So, instead, we are doing a combined Father's Day/Birthday dinner tonight at our house!  This was a TOUGH year for my dad and my family.  Both of my grandmother's died and my dad was seriously ill just two short months ago.  I am happy to report he is doing MUCH better but it was very scary and I am so thankful he made it through and is getting stronger each day.  I love you, Dad!

Ohhh Summer School.  Here is an awfully blurry picture of an anchor chart I made this week. We also did a freebie comma scoot I found here by Fourth and Ten Teaching Products 
I also used this context clues powerpoint.  Simple, not fancy, but FULL of information, explanations and examples.  One of my students said "You are different than our other teachers, you talk to us and do stuff like this."  I think that was middle school talk for "you actually teach us".
Made my teacher heart smile : )
Today is the official first day of summer, which I am sure you are all aware of.  But it is also my mother-in-law's birthday. Here is my hubs and her dancing at our wedding.  I just love her, she is the sweetest.  We will celebrate her tomorrow at the restaurant where my hubs and I met!
My sneaky poor kitty got outside and didn't come back for FIVE days.  Yes, five.  We thought he was a goner, for sure.  He has gotten out before but always comes back within a day so you can imagine our surprise when he showed up on Friday after being gone since Monday.  He looked like this:
So needless to say I took him to the vet.  He got a rabies and antibiotic shot.  He really doesn't always have a cranky, angry face like that but can you blame him?  Here's what he normally looks like.  Happy and content.
I woke up today to an email from TPT saying I sold a product.  WHAT?  I guess other people are still thinking about school, like me! It is my biggest product to date.  And more packs are soon to be added.  Comment first and I will send it to you! {Leave your email}
Happy summer, all!!


What I am working on...

I am linkin' up with KinderGals to share some things I have been working on!  Summer for me hasn't meant much of a "break" but it is definitely more laid back. I am teaching 6th grade Language Arts Monday-Thursday for summer school so my focus is there right now although I am still working on some other projects.

I survived my first week!  Okay, so it wasn't an actual week, it was two days.  But it sure felt like a week.  I thought "oh 1/2 days will be so easy".  Uh...wrong! It is 4 1/2 hours of pretty much uninterrupted instruction.  No recess, lunch or special.  Okay so it's actually 2 hours and 15 minutes x 2 but you catch my drift.  Buckle up because the next few weeks are going to be all about 6th grade!

I attempted to make some visual plans like the fancy pants ones I see around here in bloggyworld.
{I could use some definite help on how to make these more attractive! Just sayin'}

I even sent these to my director.  He probably thought I have too much time on my hands am so creative. 

I found these two freebies to help me get through the first two days since I had:
1. no clue how many students would be in my classes
2. no books until the day before
3. no idea what would work for these students, what they need to work on, or if they would all yell at me for picking a story they've already read.

The first is Bio Poems by Laura Candler and it's pretty much one of the most popular freebies for the upper elementary/middle school.  These went over really well! I was able to learn A LOT about all of my students {roughly 15 in each class}.

On day two, I wanted to capture their attention with something outside of the box.  I stumbled across the extremely talented Stacey Lloyd.  Her products are impeccable and so creative. We watched the music video "Hall of Fame" and now I can't get that song out of my head for the life of me analyzed the stories being told.  You can find this freebie here.

We were told on day 1 that we have the freedom to do whatever we want as long as we don't play full length feature films be creative since we don't have a specific curriculum to follow.  But to keep in mind our school district's current initiatives which is lots of emphasis on writing and the three Rs---rigor, relevance and relationships.  I also tried to take into account the attitudes students would be walking into class with after less than a week since the school year ended.

So naturally, I have started created my own resources to use in class.  We worked on comparative and superlative adjectives but are not quite there yet so I am finishing up this to use next week.

Also working on my Comprehension Skills bundle.  My next two skills are compare/contrast and cause/effect.

I am also slowly adding to Back to School math centers.  I also want to do a literacy version as well.
Science is a subject I could use some more "umph" in my teaching.  It was never a favorite subject of mine so I am not as excited about it as I should be.  Definitely something I want to work on.  While I love that it is hands on and kids are enthusiastic about it, they still need to be accountable for what they are learning in science through writing.  This will be a great resource for just that!

I can't decide which cover I like more.  Thoughts?!
I'd love to see what you are working on.  Even if it isn't school related, link up with Kim at KinderGals! Oh and leave your email and I will send you whatever it is that I do finish next! {Or you can let me know if you'd rather wait for something that will fit your needs more} : )
Thanks for listening!


Goodbye School! Hello Summer...School!

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Are you out of school yet?  Today is the last day for the district I sub in!  I know many-a-teachers who are about to have a nervous breakdown over the moon excited and I am happy for them and their long awaited much deserved break! Me, myself, however....well I am teaching summer school which starts next Wednesday! So here is to my 4 day weekend before starting up again! 
I shared a little about this last week but tomorrow 10 girls and I are meeting up in Atlantic City, NJ for one of my best friend's bachelorette party! We have lots of surprises in store!
We are staying at Mr. Trump's Taj Mahal, so I am sure it will be super tacky a real classy trip.  Hoping to get some beach time in tomorrow during then day and then going out for dinner after. I made a "Bachelorette Bucket List" with a cute sparkly pink bucket from Dollar Tree and filled it with little "dares" for each girl to do.  Do you have a bachelorette party coming up? You can download the templates here.

I can't help but think about next school year.  The "unknown" is scary but also thrilling! I am already planning a lot of new TPT products and freebies.  I am just putting the finishing touches on this:

I haven't finished it yet because I am been scouring the internet for affordable royalty free photographs.  I read somewhere about and I just signed up today! While I am a huge fan of clipart, I really think it's important to include real life images.  Do you have any other suggestions of where to obtain high quality photos for your products?

I moved my "office" downstairs because it is so stinkin' hot upstairs {and I am a fan of trying to NOT turn on the AC if at all possible} and plus I never go up there to work.  Usually I am lounging on the couch.  But then it is SO tempting to turn on the tv, get a snack, browse facebook...blogs...buzzfeed.  And I end up not being as productive as I would like to be.  I am hoping this will help me stay on track!

Photo Credit: M Lacey Photography
I am off to spend the afternoon with this precious doll baby {and his momma} before I meet some teacher friends to celebrate the last day of school.  Have a great weekend!


Currenly June

Happy June 1st All! Some you are already enjoying Summer while others are trying to push through those last days {like me!}.  Whatever your "current" state, head over to Farley's blog at Oh Boy 4th Grade and link up to share more about it!

-I am enjoying the serenity of the TV on, windows open, cool breeze...ahh it's the best!
-Eleven girls and myself will be celebrating one of my best friend's Bachelorette party in Atlantic City this weekend.  I put together "Bachelorette Party Survival Kits" which include lots of goodies for the party {ring pops, shot glasses, playdoh} and the aftermath {tylonel, water, granola bars, gum}.  I am very happy with how they turned out! I also made a Bachelorette Party bucket list where everyone picks a bracelet that has a "dare" on it.  You have to wear the bracelet until you complete the task. Should I compile all the templates for these goodies to share?  If you are interested, let me know!
-We painted our "sunroom" this weekend but it still needs touched up.  Our deck is a work in progress as well as our garage....oh and our spare bedroom.  I'd like a magical wand to go around and have all of our house projects completed.  Is there a Pinterest Fairy out there?
- I am always thinking about school and how badly I want a full time position but I NEED to stop worrying and let it go.  For the most part, what happens is out of my control.  So I want to concentrate this summer on this mantra:
{being at the beach in the picture probably would help ; )}
Just relax
Thanks for listening!