Five for Friday...A mish mosh!
I love me some Five for Friday! 
Let's rewind say two weeks. The Olympics feel like ago but I never got to post about the fun I saw going on!

I put together two Winter Olympic units and I shared the units as much as possible with teachers that I know.  Although I knew people must be using it elsewhere because of TPT sales, walking into a classroom I am subbing in and seeing my materials being used= priceless! 

 Here’s some of what I saw:
I walked into a two day job in 2nd grade and found my Olympic vocabulary.  The teacher put all of my Sochi Unit worksheets together and students worked on their packet throughout the day when they had time. A few students asked if they could move to the back of the room so they could look at the vocab cards.  Of course!! I just love when kids use their resources for help or to find answers.  It makes my heart smile.

I can't take credit for the above picture.  One of my favorite teacher friends, Teri, put this together.  It was in the hallway for all to see!  I think it is gold medal worthy for sure! Then students used it to graph the final results.
Last but not least, another day in a friend's class included my math activities.  I just loved loved loved seeing them in action!!  The kids had a lot of fun with this dice rolling worksheet.
The hubs and I were invited by our awesome friends on a {fancy} bus trip down to Washington D.C. for a Hershey Bears game.  We got to watch from a suite and enjoy free food!! We felt like royalty : ) It was pretty fabulous!

Tuesday I subbed as a gym teacher! While I had done this before {a whole week once!}, it has been over a year.  And this time it was at a school where I know most of the kids.  They were kind of thrown off seeing me in yoga pants and sneakers, it was a fun day : )  We even got to listen to "Happy" while we stretched and exercised!
 I am almost completely Molly Stahl in every aspect of my life!! I got a new badge for school this week {no new picture : ( } and a new driver's license {new picture yayy!} Now I just need to go to the bank....
I had some exposure to some not so great opinions/ranting/complaining about teaching this week.  I understand everyone has frustrations and needs to vent.  But it was just difficult to listen to.  So I leave you with my own personal internal mantra for this week:
Have a Super Amazing Weekend!!

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