Currently...March and a Giveaway {sorta, kinda}

Happy Happy March, All! I love March for a lot of reasons. 

--First and foremost, it’s my Birthday! I don’t think that will ever get “old”I am just one of those people who LOVES birthdays {especially my own : )} And I am not ashamed of it! I justify it because I don’t make a big deal {at least to the hubs} about Christmas, anniversaries or Valentine’s day.

--Second, it’s St. Patrick’s Dayanother one of my favorite holidays!  My maiden name is Fitzpatrickmy first name is Molly.  I am ALL kinds of Irish and it’s a big deal in my family.

--Third, this March I am being forced nice and sharing my b-day month with my sister-in-law and best friend who are BOTH having baby showers {and actual babies but just not this month}.  I am excited to be a part of such a special time and of course, be an aunt to both bundles of joy.

So I am linking up with Farley over at Oh Boy It’s FourthGrade! to share my currently March:
Listening: Self explanatory.  This is what we do--him-video games and me-computer.  I guess this is life before kids.  I am sure we will look back and miss these lazy Sundays on the couch.
Loving: I started my new long term ESL position on Thursday and I am absolutely in love! I get to work with grades K-6 all in ONE day {not at the same time though, thank goodness!}  I work with a variety of small groups throughout the day and it's very exciting and challenging.  I have learned so much already in 2 days and I am just ecstatic about what the new two months have in store!
Thinking: We are having our friends over tonight who both happen to be teachers!  As soon as I can peel myself away from playing around working on the computer, cleaning and cooking here I come!
Wanting: O. M. G. I am just at a complete standstill with creating new teaching stuff.  I have about 12 things started in various stages of production but can't seem to complete anything for the life of me.  Here's a peek at what I am working on:

So here's the {kinda, sorta} giveaway.  In order to hold myself accountable and complete something very soon, I will giveaway one of the above products--whichever I happen to finish next--to two lucky commenters!
Needing: I am just so not patient with blog design.  I know what I want but I am hesitant to cough up the money to pay for it.  I am semi-determined to do it on my own.  I could use any advice/tips/help. Please and Thank You!
?????: If you can guess the question correctly I will not only send you whatever project I finish next but you can pick something out of my tiny store for free.  Thanks for reading : )
Happy Saturday, Happy March!


The Frizz said...

I think your question is "What's for dinner?"

I love that your husband plays video games as you are on your computer. That is the EXACT scene in my house right now....only my husband loves FIFA soccer.

It sounds like you have a lot of things to look forward to in March. March happens to be my favorite as well. I think St. Patrick's Day is the best holiday in the classroom, and this year, we actually have school on St. Pattys day as opposed to having it fall on Spring Break.

I am beyond excited!

The Frizz

The Frizz in First Grade

Melissa said...

I was thinking the same for your question. I'm right with you for St. Patty's Day! Almost added that in to my own post, but I left it out. Have you checked out Bird in Hand Designs? Megan is fantastic to work with, and she has a great "Build Your Blog" pack that starts at $35. That's what I did for my pack, and then I just added a few things that I wanted.

Don't Let the Teacher Stay Up Late
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The Polished Teacher said...

Happy early birthday! The products you are working on all look amazing!

Congrats on the long term sub job! I am just starting out subbing and it is quite an adventure! ESL kids are so much fun! Enjoy your weekend!


Mary Bauer said...

My question to your answer would be "What is your favorite dinner?" I would order it for my birthday dinner growing up.

Wendy @ Read With Me ABC said...

I think the question is, "What am I serving my guests for dinner tonight?". Also, Melissa and I both had our designs done by Megan. She is quick and on the inexpensive side.
Read With Me ABC

Pam said...

Happy birthday and congrats on the new position! :)

My guess is "What's my favorite food?"

Diary of a Second Grade Teacher

SassySub said...

You got the question right : ) Feel free to pick something out of my store and I will email it to you!