Snow Day

Yesterday was, yet again, another snow day.  It was actually very beautiful.


Since I can’t share teaching stuff, I figured I would recap some reality tonight.  No, not real reality.  Reality T.V. The hubs plowed snow all. day. And when he is gone, Andy Cohen is my boyfriend.

So first off, I never wanted to watch Vanderpump Rules. I really really didn’t want to.  Even when Bravo tried to sneak episodes of VR right after Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, I smelt {or is it smelled?} their trickery and turned it off before I could be hooked in any way.  I have proudly avoided Vanderpump Rules for MONTHS! Months. Months that all went down the toilet today due to snow. The 5 inches of snow and Bravo.

Bravo strategically scheduled a Vanderpump Rules marathon today.  I tried.  I really really tried. But I only know 3 channels on Verizon Fios and the other two happen to be HGTV and the Weather Channel.  I could only watch snow out the window and snow on the TV for so long. So I watched

And I learned about Jax and Stassi, Kristin and Tom, another Tom and a girl with orangish hair I think called Katie.  I watched them not do their jobs at Sur. Whether they were at the restaurant all together or vacationing in a Mexican location all togetherthey were never working! They were fighting and cheating and yelling and lying.  So I was hooked.

This brings me to the much awaited finale.  There’s some kind of annual photo shoot. Jax questions “Didn’t we do this last year?”.

I tried to pay attention to the drama/conversations going on in this scene but I could only notice two things: Guys in pink striped towels and that even the BUSSER was in on the photo shoot action.  THEN they had a naked shoot with the manager no wonder no one ever gets fired!

Long episode short, Kristin tried to convince Tom of some computer program that can fake send texts to people’s phones so they can use them to pretend they cheated with your girlfriend. 

Commercial break: Andy Cohen! I want to stay up but I shouldn’t {maybe there will be a delay tomorrow?} What Andy?! Lisa AND Jax are going to be on tonight? Oh boy. I shouldn’t I need to go to sleep at a decent hour tonight but.

Okay VR is back on.

Why do these girls argue with Liser? I mean, I know it’s a show butHave. Some. Respect. I mean these are her rules! Wait, what exactly are her rules?

Then they are at Scheana’s engagement party.  Not once in this scene did I see the guy she is engaged to.  But I guess a perk of working at Sur is that if you get engaged you can have your party at Sur.  Next Scheana sings her new singlethe singingthe gold pantsthe singingthose gold sneaker shoesand the singing. Stassi would even download it! Well it must’ve sounded better in person becausewelllet’s just say I wouldn’t.

There was some angry conversation out in the garden. Kristin has been lying all season and now she’s telling the truth and her boyfriend is siding with her. Then inside there’s a fight between Tom and Jax. Something like “He doesn’t have any feelings, I’ll make him feel something.” And I’m all likeWhen did boys become so emotional?

The rest of the episode was a blur because at this point I found out we were having a 2 hour delay. {pours more wine}

I tried to make it through the whole What What Happens Live episode but Lisa and Jax together were making me uncomfortable. 

I fell asleep chantingI WILL NOT stay up to watch Southern Charm.  I WILL NOT watch Southern Charm. I really really don’t want to watch Southern Charm.

We have another snow day tomorrow. I really need to catch up on Toned Up!

Mrs. Stahl

{the Sassy Sub}

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I love that!

I haven't caught Toned Up or Southern Charm . . . but maybe I'll get lucky and we'll have a beach day or something and a marathon will be on. A girl can hope!