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Since I am starting to feel like an expert comfortable with this linking up thing, I figured I’d try it with something new!
Head over to Oh Boy, 4th Grade! Oh' boy fourth gradeand join in on the fun! I really like her 2 “rules” because it promotes checking out other blogs and commenting {something I need to do more}.  SO here it goes: 


1.     The hubs and I have been pretty, welllazy lately.  All this snow and cold has kept us inside.eatingon the couch.  But today we woke up and decided we’d start Wii Fit again.  It’s not much but it’s a start.  As soon as it gets a little warmer, we will be training for a 5k we are doing in April. The thing about Wii Fit is you have to take turns.  Usually I try to clean while it’s not my turn.  But now I am blogging

2.   I love that today is the Super Bowl.  I get more and more into it every year and now that I am married I am forced to be more involved in the teams and all that.  I still really like to eat and watch the commercials and half time show.  But the fact I can name the two teams playing, where it is located and what time it starts is a HUGE step for myself.

3.   On the other hand, I didn’t make it grocery shopping so we don’t have much to eat.  I need to go and fight the crowds today because as I mentioned, eating good food today is obviously the best part.

4.   I am also kind of bummed because we ordered a couch almost 2 weeks ago!! We were supposed to get a call when it came in {last week!!} and it still hasn’t! I joke that it is coming from GA.  But seriously, a little disappointed I can’t be sitting this today:

5.   Okay, I am not really needing a delay but the chance of snow puts it in the realm of possibility.
6. Lastly---I am NOT a vegetarian.  Although I have never had a fast food hamburger.  I have always been a chicken nuggets kind of girl.  Well actually, I like Taco Bell best {sorry, not sorry}. It’s “gross” but it’s my thing.

There you have it! Hope you didn’t fall asleep by now.  Have a great day : )


OH P.S. if check out my previous post, there is a giveaway!


The Sassy Sub

Mrs. Stahl


LaSchu said...

Taco Bell=guilty pleasure!! I hope your couch makes it to you soon. I purchased a new couch earlier this year and absolutely LOVE it!
Enchanting Elementary

Aimee said...

I love Taco Bell!! Plus, it's the only place you can get a Baja Blast! I'd like to say that I'm into the Super Bowl/football, but I'm really just not interested in it, at all. I do like watching the commercials, though! I hope your new couch arrives soon!

Primarily Speaking

Wendy @ Read With Me ABC said...

I love the couch, and I'm dying to know if you had a snow delay today. We have off and a two-hour delay tomorrow. Gotta love PA in the winter. :) I can't believe you've never eaten and fast food burger.
PS I'm not a vegetarian either. I would starve! I never eat my veggies, lol.

Wendy @ Read With Me ABC said...

I just read your comment on my blog...haha! You are off today, and you guessed I'm not a vegetarian. Email me with an item you'd like from my TpT store and I'll email it to you. :) Wendy