Five for Friday and a Giveaway!

Happy Super Bowl Weekend! I recently read a compelling argument for having the day after the Super Bowl be a National Holiday aka a day off.  I whole-heartedly agree! I am linking up with Doodle Bugs for Five for Friday! There's a handsome reward for reading all the way through : )


Did you talk about the Super Bowl last week at all?  I didn’t really get to because as a sub, I obviously have no control over what I am teaching.  And there was no school on Friday because of parent-teacher conferences.  {Oh conferencesprobably the only day I am thankful to be a day-to-day sub again!} SO if you didn’t get the chance to incorporate the Super Bowl in your classroom, take a peek at my Super Bowl centers20%off!!
Thursday I subbed in 5th grade and while most of my day was spent handing out assessments, I was determined to find something to share with you.  I was snooping innocently looking around the room and came across this awesome spelling activity.  Students used their pattern block templates and spelling words to create this:


SO cool! AND cross-curricular! Love it!


Last weekend, we drove to Georgia for my cousin’s wedding.  It was a beautiful day filled with love, friends, family, good food and dancing!  It was so nice to see my cousins and my cousin’s kids who are so cute! Here are some pics from last weekend:


Last night, we {me and 4 girls} ventured to David’s bridal to try on bridesmaid’s dress {did I mention we have 5 weddings this year?}.  We picked them out, tried them on and ordered them in a very productive fashion.  Maybe because we had wine waiting for us at the bride-to-be’s apartment? Getting dresses turned into a night of yummy food, delicious wine and great friendship!


Here’s the bride to be shaving a block of cheeseI don’t know why I found this to be hilarious.  She literally has 4 different tools for cutting cheese.  She was cutting cheese all night. {HAHA!}

You know what else is coming up soon?!?! THE WINTER OLYMPICS!! I am sooo excited.  I combined both of my Sochi Olympic units for one low price! I will GIVEAWAY two of these to the first TWO commenters! Just leave your email : )

I hope you have a great weekend and have fun watching the commercials Super Bowl!!

Mrs. Stahl

The Sassy Sub

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