Five for Friday, a FREEBIE and a Giveaway!

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Snow days have me spoiled! I only worked one full day this week and I am still tired?! Hopefully, next week we will get back into the swing of things because it’s kind of hard to blog about being a teacher when you’re not actively teaching.  Here’s a recap of the week anyhow! {I tried to make this as educationally relevant as possible}

The Super Bowl was just LAST week? That feels like forever ago.  Here are some of the DELICIOUS goodies the hubs and I madefor ourselves.  We hung out just the two of us and PIGGED out.  It was so worth it.  Hubs got to watch the game and I got to cross out 3 new recipes off of my Pinterest board.  Click on the pic to take you to the recipe!
               Hubs made his famous seasoned fries.  These are SO good.  Sorry, no recipe.  I don’t know how he does it but they are ALWAYS crispy. I don’t even ask because I kind of like that he has his “secret” thing and it makes him feel special, too : )
        First up, pepperoni and mozzarella rolls. Three ingredients, so simple, yet so yummy.  All you do is wrap it up in a crescent roll.  I also heated up some marinara for dipping. I will definitely be keeping these ingredients on hand for a quick snack meal.

        Next, I had been wanting to make these homemade baked chicken and cheese taquitos {think the Sandlot}. We frequent a local Mexican restaurant that makes yummy taquitos but we don’t go there as much as I would prefer. {only 2-3 times a month} So I needed to figure out how to make them at home. And these were amazing.  I made the stuffing for inside in advance, stuck it in the fridge and made them a few hours later.  I even had leftover for the next day! {yummy snow day lunch!}  What’s great is theses are BAKED so they are pretty much healthy for you and are low in fat and calories {take my word for it.}

        Last but definitely NOT least is this chocolate chip cheesecake bake.  While there are things I would tweek next time I make it {MORE CREAMCHEESE!!}, it was still to die for and it lasted in our house for about a week because it was HUGE and there are only two of us. {Certain nights I wanted to sit down on the couch with just a fork and the entire cake but I held myself back}  I should’ve taken a pic of the inside but oh well. There will be a next time.

Now that you are done reading the food section of this blog, I have a FREEBIE for you.  All these snow days motivated me to get a little organized.  I put some important grown up papers into binders and made these binder covers and I uploaded them to share with you.  Sorry, what you see is what you get and I didn’t make it “editable”.  I am just not that fancy yet.  Hope you can find use for them. Click here or on the picture to take you to googledocs.

Have you ever seen these fun finger lights? I bought them a few months ago for my 2nd grade class and it was love at first sight.  Of course, we had to set A LOT of ground rules before they were allowed to use them. I would suggest using them in small groups first.  But these NEVER lose their novelty.  They would be great to add some spice to Read to Self in the Daily 5.  Or in guided reading groups.  Or you could make it a “prize” for great behavior.  They come in packs of 40 so I shared with my teammateswin-win!
It obviously snowed here in Central PA and unlike the finger lights, snow is no longer a novelty.  However, it was the prettiest snow!  Check out this tree from our backyard.

Last but definitely not least, have you been watching the Winter Olympics?!?! Do you plan to teach about it in your classroom?  TWO lucky commenters will win my Winter Olympic Bundled Units.  Just leave a comment, your email and tell me your favorite Olympic sport : )

Happy Saturday : ) 

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KChristensen said...

My favorite sport is the figure skating - my daughter and I love the costumes and skate shows!!! It all is great though! Thank you for your time and talent -