Valentine's Day Five for Friday
Linkin' up with Doodlebugs on this Valentine's Day Friday to recap my week.  Unfortunately, I don't really have any Valentine's Day school things to share.  I am currently blogging while enjoying a two hour delay.  We had off yesterday--another short week due to snow! Our biggest accumulation yet but not as bad as some were predictingI’d say we got 8-9 inches.  Before the snow, I did work 3 FULL consecutive days {this is a big deal as I don’t think I have done that since before Christmas break and I am NOT even exaggerating!!} Regardless of the short week, LOTS happened
Monday, I celebrated the 100th day of school at one of my favorite schools in my favorite grade2nd! The day was FULL of fun activities.  Here are a few of the ones I snapped pictures of.

100th day snackhad to improvise because not every item made it to school but luckily we had 10 different ones {multi-colored and regular Goldfish each counted as their own lol} But does it really matter? It was still delicious!

100th day projectsthe whole 2nd grade did this and then we toured other rooms.  I was able to take pics of each kid and print them out so their teacher could see each one!  She loved it!

100 wordsI had about 6 kiddos get 100.  And about another 6 complain of early stages of Carpal Tunnel from writing so much.  Oh man, poor things : )

Side note: Since I was subbing and didn’t plan these activities I have NO idea where she found these cute printables and I couldn’t find a name on them anywhere!! I am sorry for not giving credit but if you recognize them, please let me know and I will!

Tuesday, when I got home and did my daily website rounds, I got to TPT and saw THIS! 
My Sochi Unit made it on the Homepage!!! I don’t know how or why this happened but I know I almost peed my pants in excitement! My TPT journey has just begun and I couldn’t be more grateful for the major {to me} successes I’ve experienced thus far! Can’t wait to keep creating and sharing more! It’s added a WHOLE different element to my teaching life and I am just THRILLED! {PS. If anyone knows how this happens, feel free to burst my bubble}

Wednesday, I got an email around lunchtime to call HR at the school district I work for. 

Let’s rewind real quick. SeeI had an interview on Friday.  I didn’t want to share because I felt like I would “jinx” myself.  So I studied and practiced and studied and practiced.  I get to the interview and it was a WHOLE different set of questions.  I quietly panicked.  I felt like I was totally unprepared.  The interview was super quick.  I thought “the principal totally knows I am thrown off by these questions, she doesn’t want to waste her time, I totally blew it.”

Fast forward back to WednesdayI GOT THE JOB! AHH!! I was SO shocked.  {Let me be clear, I am qualified.  I am capable.  I will rock this position.  My weakness is interviewing.  I freeze up and have a really hard time unless I study like I am studying for a test.  I don’t know why that’s just how I get.  So I can STOP worrying about it because clearly my experience showed and it didn’t matter how badly I *thought* I did.}

It is a long term ESL position that travels between two schools.  I am SO ready for this new challenge and experience.  I am ready for stability again.  I am ready for what’s next!!

So many great things in February to celebrate.  I can’t wait to be a fulltime classroom teacher to use all the awesome things out there.  If you cover Dental Health in February or anytime, check out my Dental Health unit.  I will give away TWO to TWO commenters.  Just leave your email : )
Last but definitely not least, since it’s Valentine’s Day I have to give a shout out to my hubs.  He is such a strong, hard-working man.  He makes me laugh.  He is my favorite person to hang out with.  I couldn’t have found a better match.  I love you! Here’s to our first Valentine’s Day together as Mr. and Mrs.

Have a great weekend!! 

Mrs. Stahl

The Sassy Sub

Five for Friday, a FREEBIE and a Giveaway!

I am linking up with Doodlebugs for Five for Friday. You should too! It's fun : )
Snow days have me spoiled! I only worked one full day this week and I am still tired?! Hopefully, next week we will get back into the swing of things because it’s kind of hard to blog about being a teacher when you’re not actively teaching.  Here’s a recap of the week anyhow! {I tried to make this as educationally relevant as possible}

The Super Bowl was just LAST week? That feels like forever ago.  Here are some of the DELICIOUS goodies the hubs and I madefor ourselves.  We hung out just the two of us and PIGGED out.  It was so worth it.  Hubs got to watch the game and I got to cross out 3 new recipes off of my Pinterest board.  Click on the pic to take you to the recipe!
               Hubs made his famous seasoned fries.  These are SO good.  Sorry, no recipe.  I don’t know how he does it but they are ALWAYS crispy. I don’t even ask because I kind of like that he has his “secret” thing and it makes him feel special, too : )
        First up, pepperoni and mozzarella rolls. Three ingredients, so simple, yet so yummy.  All you do is wrap it up in a crescent roll.  I also heated up some marinara for dipping. I will definitely be keeping these ingredients on hand for a quick snack meal.

        Next, I had been wanting to make these homemade baked chicken and cheese taquitos {think the Sandlot}. We frequent a local Mexican restaurant that makes yummy taquitos but we don’t go there as much as I would prefer. {only 2-3 times a month} So I needed to figure out how to make them at home. And these were amazing.  I made the stuffing for inside in advance, stuck it in the fridge and made them a few hours later.  I even had leftover for the next day! {yummy snow day lunch!}  What’s great is theses are BAKED so they are pretty much healthy for you and are low in fat and calories {take my word for it.}

        Last but definitely NOT least is this chocolate chip cheesecake bake.  While there are things I would tweek next time I make it {MORE CREAMCHEESE!!}, it was still to die for and it lasted in our house for about a week because it was HUGE and there are only two of us. {Certain nights I wanted to sit down on the couch with just a fork and the entire cake but I held myself back}  I should’ve taken a pic of the inside but oh well. There will be a next time.

Now that you are done reading the food section of this blog, I have a FREEBIE for you.  All these snow days motivated me to get a little organized.  I put some important grown up papers into binders and made these binder covers and I uploaded them to share with you.  Sorry, what you see is what you get and I didn’t make it “editable”.  I am just not that fancy yet.  Hope you can find use for them. Click here or on the picture to take you to googledocs.

Have you ever seen these fun finger lights? I bought them a few months ago for my 2nd grade class and it was love at first sight.  Of course, we had to set A LOT of ground rules before they were allowed to use them. I would suggest using them in small groups first.  But these NEVER lose their novelty.  They would be great to add some spice to Read to Self in the Daily 5.  Or in guided reading groups.  Or you could make it a “prize” for great behavior.  They come in packs of 40 so I shared with my teammateswin-win!
It obviously snowed here in Central PA and unlike the finger lights, snow is no longer a novelty.  However, it was the prettiest snow!  Check out this tree from our backyard.

Last but definitely not least, have you been watching the Winter Olympics?!?! Do you plan to teach about it in your classroom?  TWO lucky commenters will win my Winter Olympic Bundled Units.  Just leave a comment, your email and tell me your favorite Olympic sport : )

Happy Saturday : ) 

The Sassy Sub

Mrs. Stahl

Snow Day

Yesterday was, yet again, another snow day.  It was actually very beautiful.


Since I can’t share teaching stuff, I figured I would recap some reality tonight.  No, not real reality.  Reality T.V. The hubs plowed snow all. day. And when he is gone, Andy Cohen is my boyfriend.

So first off, I never wanted to watch Vanderpump Rules. I really really didn’t want to.  Even when Bravo tried to sneak episodes of VR right after Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, I smelt {or is it smelled?} their trickery and turned it off before I could be hooked in any way.  I have proudly avoided Vanderpump Rules for MONTHS! Months. Months that all went down the toilet today due to snow. The 5 inches of snow and Bravo.

Bravo strategically scheduled a Vanderpump Rules marathon today.  I tried.  I really really tried. But I only know 3 channels on Verizon Fios and the other two happen to be HGTV and the Weather Channel.  I could only watch snow out the window and snow on the TV for so long. So I watched

And I learned about Jax and Stassi, Kristin and Tom, another Tom and a girl with orangish hair I think called Katie.  I watched them not do their jobs at Sur. Whether they were at the restaurant all together or vacationing in a Mexican location all togetherthey were never working! They were fighting and cheating and yelling and lying.  So I was hooked.

This brings me to the much awaited finale.  There’s some kind of annual photo shoot. Jax questions “Didn’t we do this last year?”.

I tried to pay attention to the drama/conversations going on in this scene but I could only notice two things: Guys in pink striped towels and that even the BUSSER was in on the photo shoot action.  THEN they had a naked shoot with the manager no wonder no one ever gets fired!

Long episode short, Kristin tried to convince Tom of some computer program that can fake send texts to people’s phones so they can use them to pretend they cheated with your girlfriend. 

Commercial break: Andy Cohen! I want to stay up but I shouldn’t {maybe there will be a delay tomorrow?} What Andy?! Lisa AND Jax are going to be on tonight? Oh boy. I shouldn’t I need to go to sleep at a decent hour tonight but.

Okay VR is back on.

Why do these girls argue with Liser? I mean, I know it’s a show butHave. Some. Respect. I mean these are her rules! Wait, what exactly are her rules?

Then they are at Scheana’s engagement party.  Not once in this scene did I see the guy she is engaged to.  But I guess a perk of working at Sur is that if you get engaged you can have your party at Sur.  Next Scheana sings her new singlethe singingthe gold pantsthe singingthose gold sneaker shoesand the singing. Stassi would even download it! Well it must’ve sounded better in person becausewelllet’s just say I wouldn’t.

There was some angry conversation out in the garden. Kristin has been lying all season and now she’s telling the truth and her boyfriend is siding with her. Then inside there’s a fight between Tom and Jax. Something like “He doesn’t have any feelings, I’ll make him feel something.” And I’m all likeWhen did boys become so emotional?

The rest of the episode was a blur because at this point I found out we were having a 2 hour delay. {pours more wine}

I tried to make it through the whole What What Happens Live episode but Lisa and Jax together were making me uncomfortable. 

I fell asleep chantingI WILL NOT stay up to watch Southern Charm.  I WILL NOT watch Southern Charm. I really really don’t want to watch Southern Charm.

We have another snow day tomorrow. I really need to catch up on Toned Up!

Mrs. Stahl

{the Sassy Sub}

Linkin' up!

Since I am starting to feel like an expert comfortable with this linking up thing, I figured I’d try it with something new!
Head over to Oh Boy, 4th Grade! Oh' boy fourth gradeand join in on the fun! I really like her 2 “rules” because it promotes checking out other blogs and commenting {something I need to do more}.  SO here it goes: 


1.     The hubs and I have been pretty, welllazy lately.  All this snow and cold has kept us inside.eatingon the couch.  But today we woke up and decided we’d start Wii Fit again.  It’s not much but it’s a start.  As soon as it gets a little warmer, we will be training for a 5k we are doing in April. The thing about Wii Fit is you have to take turns.  Usually I try to clean while it’s not my turn.  But now I am blogging

2.   I love that today is the Super Bowl.  I get more and more into it every year and now that I am married I am forced to be more involved in the teams and all that.  I still really like to eat and watch the commercials and half time show.  But the fact I can name the two teams playing, where it is located and what time it starts is a HUGE step for myself.

3.   On the other hand, I didn’t make it grocery shopping so we don’t have much to eat.  I need to go and fight the crowds today because as I mentioned, eating good food today is obviously the best part.

4.   I am also kind of bummed because we ordered a couch almost 2 weeks ago!! We were supposed to get a call when it came in {last week!!} and it still hasn’t! I joke that it is coming from GA.  But seriously, a little disappointed I can’t be sitting this today:

5.   Okay, I am not really needing a delay but the chance of snow puts it in the realm of possibility.
6. Lastly---I am NOT a vegetarian.  Although I have never had a fast food hamburger.  I have always been a chicken nuggets kind of girl.  Well actually, I like Taco Bell best {sorry, not sorry}. It’s “gross” but it’s my thing.

There you have it! Hope you didn’t fall asleep by now.  Have a great day : )


OH P.S. if check out my previous post, there is a giveaway!


The Sassy Sub

Mrs. Stahl

Five for Friday and a Giveaway!

Happy Super Bowl Weekend! I recently read a compelling argument for having the day after the Super Bowl be a National Holiday aka a day off.  I whole-heartedly agree! I am linking up with Doodle Bugs for Five for Friday! There's a handsome reward for reading all the way through : )


Did you talk about the Super Bowl last week at all?  I didn’t really get to because as a sub, I obviously have no control over what I am teaching.  And there was no school on Friday because of parent-teacher conferences.  {Oh conferencesprobably the only day I am thankful to be a day-to-day sub again!} SO if you didn’t get the chance to incorporate the Super Bowl in your classroom, take a peek at my Super Bowl centers20%off!!
Thursday I subbed in 5th grade and while most of my day was spent handing out assessments, I was determined to find something to share with you.  I was snooping innocently looking around the room and came across this awesome spelling activity.  Students used their pattern block templates and spelling words to create this:


SO cool! AND cross-curricular! Love it!


Last weekend, we drove to Georgia for my cousin’s wedding.  It was a beautiful day filled with love, friends, family, good food and dancing!  It was so nice to see my cousins and my cousin’s kids who are so cute! Here are some pics from last weekend:


Last night, we {me and 4 girls} ventured to David’s bridal to try on bridesmaid’s dress {did I mention we have 5 weddings this year?}.  We picked them out, tried them on and ordered them in a very productive fashion.  Maybe because we had wine waiting for us at the bride-to-be’s apartment? Getting dresses turned into a night of yummy food, delicious wine and great friendship!


Here’s the bride to be shaving a block of cheeseI don’t know why I found this to be hilarious.  She literally has 4 different tools for cutting cheese.  She was cutting cheese all night. {HAHA!}

You know what else is coming up soon?!?! THE WINTER OLYMPICS!! I am sooo excited.  I combined both of my Sochi Olympic units for one low price! I will GIVEAWAY two of these to the first TWO commenters! Just leave your email : )

I hope you have a great weekend and have fun watching the commercials Super Bowl!!

Mrs. Stahl

The Sassy Sub