My week in review...

 Warning: I DO NOT have much to share about school or teaching because I was only in school for a day and a half this week.  We had off Monday for MLK day and then Tuesday for snow.
We ended up getting about 4-6 inches and the hubs worked for 28 ½ hours STRAIGHT plowing, shoveling and salting.  It kind of works out that when I am off, he works because let’s face it someone needs to work in this household ; )
This is the Susquehanna river about 15 minutes from where we live.  Freezing cold can be beautiful!

Well I did *kind of* work on Tuesday because I whipped up another Olympics themed no prep packet.  It contains some great quick, easy activities and would go wonderful with my Sochi unit.  The Olympics are almost here and I am praying everyone stays safe and they can go off without any issues.  Makes me sad such an amazing time is overshadowed by the ugly in the world.


I didn’t work Friday because we left Thursday after school to drive down to Atlanta, GA for my cousin’s wedding!!! He is getting married to the love of his life today.  We went to the rehearsal dinner last night at an adorable place called The YellowHouse.  This restaurant won awards for its fried chicken and broccoli casserole, both of which were A-MAZ-ING.  YUM YUM YUM!  Here’s a pic from last night.

SO rewind to last weekend.  We ended up going to IKEA two times and we bought the buffet AND we ordered a couch we go pick up next week.  Pretty successful weekend.


How about the Super Bowl? I don’t really get why they planned to have it somewhere cold.  Maybe it will be FRIDAY? SATURDAY? Who knows! But you should use these centers on the week leading up!!

Thanks for reading : )

Mrs. Stahl

The Sassy Sub



Mrs. Solis said...

OMG, look at all the snow!! It would be really nice if it would snow in Las Vegas, NV.:)

Mrs. Solis

SassySub said...

The cold gets old! I will trade you : )