Five for Fraturday...

I set a goal and now here I am doing it...a day late. But that's only because I fell asleep right after school yesterday, got up to go out to eat and then fell asleep again right when I got home. I woke up in the same clothes I wore out!! {Just like in college} Except, it wasn't uncomfortable because I was wearing yoga pants and a sweatshirt. This is the life, I tell ya.

Thursday was great.  I was able to sub for a friend I had made through my last long term position.  So I got to spend the day with two of my favorite teachers.  One was in the process of prepping my Super Bowl themed centers:

OH! How special it was to see someone getting ready to use something I MADE!! Even if she was just doing it to be nice J It sure made my day! I had to take pictures to record this event, even if the pictures are awful due to a major glare{ready for a phone upgrade} And that last one is upside down.  I am still new at this.  Click on any of the pics to pick these up ON SALE today ONLY!

After work, on Thursday, I stopped to see my mom at her work {dentist office} and shared with her my Dental Health unit.  I finished this last night and I couldn’t wait to print it today.  I WILL find someone to share it with.  Leave a comment if you are interested : )
This includes so many amazing things: vocabulary, 9 no prep worksheets, writing activities, and math activities.  So check it out!!
Friday I subbed for another friend at another school I used to work at.  Since I have been subbing for her a lot, she has let me come up with some of my own activities.  I am CRAVING a CLASSROOM in the worst way.  But at least I can get a little fix here and there {it's like a drug!!}. Here is a writing activity freebie I found on TPT that goes with the story Click Clack Moo: Cows That Type.

The story is super cute just like this craftivity.  The students wrote to the farmer as pigs asking for something {since the cows, hens and ducks do in the story}. I even had time to hang them in the hallway for her.  Here's how they turned out:

A lot of these imaginary pigs turned out to be cannibals.  EVERYONE wanted to ask for bacon.  I had to remind them where bacon comes from and try to help them understand's kind of messed up.

I love the argument that "the cows, hens and ducks got something."
Pretty proud of my own creativity: Click Clack OINK: Pigs that WRITE {pats self on back}
Click on any of the pics to take you do the freebie by Moore News.
Alright time for some non-teaching talk.  Today the hubs and I are road-tripping to Philly to go to Ikea.  We purchased our house about 4 months ago and haven't done a whole lot because we were just so thrilled to be living in a house, that we bought, with our own money. {I still can hardly believe it} So today is the day we go buy some grown upish things.  We have this on our list:
VÄRDE Base cabinet IKEA Free-standing; easy to place and move. Stands steady on uneven floors because it has adjustable feet.

We are in desperate need of more storage and counter space. Hubs has never been to Ikea where I spent most of my college days eating and browsing the aisles dreaming of the moment I would have more than a dorm room to furnish.  Dreams do come true : )
 Last night we went to dinner at one of our favorite Mexican restaurants called El Rodeo. Stop, you aren't reading that right.  Your putting the wrong emphasis on the wrong syllable. It's not rodeo.  Its ro-deyy-o.  Okay you are closer now. Anyway, we ran into our city's newly elected Mayor who also happens to be my former Latin teacher! Crazy right?  TEACHERS can do ANYTHING! I just love it.  Well while he is running our city, I am continuing to work on my goals.
. Have you seen...
Winter Olympics: Sochi 2014 {Resources and No Prep Activities}
  The Winter Olympics are approaching at top speeds.  And did I mention MOST things in my store are on SALE right now? Get it while it's hot!
This concludes my very first linky party.  And I am exhausted so I think I will take a nap before we go to Ikea. Enjoy your 3 day weekend!

Mrs. Stahl

{the Sassy Sub}

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