I did it! I did it! I did it!

After a day of sitting on the couch hard work, I finished my Winter Olympics: Sochi 2014 Pack.  Oh man! I think this is my best work yet! I really hope I get to use this somewhere in some class come February.  CHECK IT OUT!!!

Lots of good stuff here!!

Whew! Now that that is done, what will I do? Well finish up Prefix: Mis and maybe actually be a human and go out and be social? Well it’s not like I am a loner, I do hang out with my lovey! He is just on a different couch playing Madden (not as productive as me, in my opinion) haha! 

Oh before I forget, I got to use my Stocking Sleuth Logic Activity while I was subbing for a friend one day (I knew he wouldn’t mind).  While this product didn’t sell once : ( I personally found it successful with those advanced 2nd grade kiddos.  SO it would be perfectly for 3rd and possibly 4th grade.  Well there is always next year, people!
Some groups needed some extra help but then they go it!.
Well I am off to go hang out with some teacher friends which requires leaving my couch and getting a shower.  Have a great night!

Mrs. Stahl
{Sassy Sub}

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