Happy Holidays! Hope you are enjoying time with your family, friends and with yourself! Isn’t alone time so nice?  Don’t get me wrong, I love my hubby but I am more productive when he is not around because when he is I just love to relax with him!  He is just so fun and cute! I mean look at that tan!!

So far, we have spent A LOT of time with family and friends.  One of my best friends, and bridesmaids, got engaged the Saturday right before Christmas at her parent’s annual Holiday party.  It was such a happy occasion! Then we spent Christmas Eve day with her, her family, and her new fiancee’s family! They are from Croatia and they made a TON of food.  I’m talking a whole pig, cheeses, meats, side dishes, and dessertsOMG the desserts! 

Okay well I could go on and on about Christmas Eve and Christmas Day but I won’t bore you.  Now I am hanging out at home, cleaning, doing laundry and all that fun stuff.  In between, I have been finishing up a packet of resources on Silent Consonants.  Check it out!!


This is my first attempt at a “preview”! It includes 2 posters, word lists for g-,k-,w-,.b, and igh- words. There are 3 worksheets and a game called “Go Gnome or Go Home!” (I am pretty proud of that one : )) Oh and 2 assessmentsa quiz and a ticket out the door! Pretty much all you need for a mini-unit on silent consonants!


Can I just stay home for the months of January and February? I will come back out in March when it is time for my b-day ; )  Here’s a peek at two other products I am working on and hoping to have done by the end of break!  I already have the first two days after New Year’s day scheduled so I can’t slack off!

The first is a group of activities to learn about the Winter Olympicsspecifically this year’s in Sochi!


The second is a mini-lesson on the prefix mis-.  It will probably be short and sweet and priced accordingly! 


Since I won’t be in any one classroom consistently, I am excited to share these with friends who can use them! Hopefully I will get the opportunity to use my new products at some point during the rest of the school year!

We shall see what 2014 holds!


Happy New Year!!


Mrs. Stahl


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