Back to life, back to reality...

Last night we returned from Mexico after a 7 day escape from the cold, winter {not officially but yes} and LOTs of snow! We missed two big snow storms and lounged, drank and ate in 80+ degree weather.

While it was great to spend time in the sunshine, by day 6 we were both mentally ready to come home.  Kind of weird to be ready to leave the beauty of palm trees, blue skies and even bluer ocean but we were!  We missed our house, cat, family and friends.  And I kept thinking amidst the heat and humidity that in 10 short days it will be CHRISTMAS! I feel like I haven't had time to get into the spirit--we didn't decorate because of vacation and I hadn't done any shopping before we left. 

So now, I am resting at home ordering lots and lots of prints of Wedding pics, New Years cards, and Shutterfly books.  Yes, ALL of our family will be getting pictures for Christmas.  I think the year of your wedding is the only time you can really get away with that.  Or when you have a baby?  Not sure of the rules but it definitely makes shopping a little easier this year.

Moving on from personal life, and back into teaching.  Well, since my position ended right before Thanksgiving, I went back to day to day subbing before vacation.  Other than that, I haven't had many any job prospects.  While usually this makes me panic, I am truly relaxed and calm and okay with whatever will happen.  Maybe its the vacation mode, or the approaching holidays but I am at ease with whatever 2014 will bring.  I have been so fortunate this past year, so many amazing things have happened both personally and professionally.  It's really time to just reflect on the year and not stress about what is to come.

With that said, I don't have much to share as far as teaching stuff.  So I will leave you with one more honeymoon picture.

Mrs. Stahl {Sassy Sub}

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